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Home » Dear Mother streaming on Netflix, ‘But why they are all Naked’?

Dear Mother streaming on Netflix, ‘But why they are all Naked’?

Dear Mother Netflix review

A funny movie has been released on Netflix called Dear Mother. It is a French movie based on the play by Sebastian Thierry. This comedy packed film will definitely live up to your expectations. And we will tell you why everyone is na%ed in this movie?

About Movie

  • Genre- Comedy
  • Director: Laurent Lafitte
  • IMDb Rating: 6:0
  • Link to Movie

Plot of Dear Mother

Now let’s talk about the story of this film, Jean Louise, the main character of this story, is facing a strange problem. Suddenly his heart stops beating. Now this strange story is what makes this film interesting and funny. He can walk, talk, breathe, but his heart doesn’t beat. That means he is dead. The doctors could not diagnose his illness.

But later the only solution emerges is that a man must try and take a Polaroid photograph of his mother’s genitals in order to potentially save his own life. The film revolves around this dilemma and taboo. Dear Mother, sarcastically, says that Louise is the kind of person that no one likes, he hasn’t had a heart all his life.

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Now let us explain ‘why everyone is na%ed in the film’ So this is the part of the film where the main character of the story along with his wife tries to take a n&de picture of an 80 year old mother. So that Louise’s heart starts beating again. This scene will make you laugh out loud.


An enjoyably ludicrous French comedy

The themes remain important, and the humor remains risqué, but there’s nothing mean-spirited here. It won’t be for everyone, though nothing is, but those who’re able to get on its wavelength will find a very funny surrealist comedy here.

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