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Deadliest day since 2011: The complete story of Kabul airport blast

Deadliest day since 2011; About 72 Afghans were killed and about 150 were injured in the attack.Last night's bombings at Kabul airport were

By Ground Report
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Deadliest day since 2011

Ground Report | New Delhi: Deadliest day since 2011; 90 Afghans were killed and about 150 were injured in the attack.Last night's bombings at Kabul airport were the deadliest for US troops in Afghanistan since 2011.

According to AFP, ISIS Khurasan suicide bombers attacked a key entrance to the airport and a hotel used by deportees. The Pentagon put the death toll at 13. Earlier, 13 Americans were reported killed, but another soldier was wounded and the number rose.

Major Jim Stinger, a Marine Corps spokesman, said in a statement that 10 of the many wounded and killed were from the US Marines.

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Deadliest day since 2011

The 20-year US-led war in Afghanistan has so far killed 1,909 US troops. The previous deadliest day was August 6, 2011, when militants shot down a Chinook helicopter during a night mission in Wardak province. The attack killed 30 U.S. soldiers, including 22 Navy SEALs, eight Afghans, and a U.S. military dog.

On Thursday, two major explosions took place at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport, with a large number of civilians present at the airport trying to get out of Taliban-owned Afghanistan.

At least 90 people have died in this accident and 150 people have been injured and this figure is increasing. US Defence Headquarters Pentagon has confirmed the deaths of 13 US soldiers, including 11 US Marines and Navy doctors.

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On Wednesday itself, the US, Britain, and Australia issued a warning to their citizens based in Kabul, asking them not to go towards the airport as there is a possibility of terrorist activity here. The Islamic State-Khorasan has claimed responsibility for the attack, which is the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State group.

13 American soldiers killed

13 American soldiers have been killed in this attack. This has proved to be the biggest attack to harm the US in Afghanistan in the last decade.

On this attack, US President Joe Biden has said, "Whoever is behind the attack, we will find out and he will have to pay the price." We will neither forget nor forgive them. Terrorists can't stop Americans from doing their jobs. We will not stop our mission in Kabul and the work of getting people out of Afghanistan safely will continue. ''

At the same time, he also pointed out that the attackers could be one of the criminals who recently came out of the Taliban's prison opening. According to the news agency Reuters, after the attack, America has accelerated the process of getting people out safely. The agency has given this information by quoting an American official who is currently present at Kabul Airport.

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