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15-Minutes Daily Exercise to Keep You Fit Throughout Your Life

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Do you push hard on your goals, even when your body urges you to slow down? Learn to give yourself a break and honor what you may need most during any given season of life. Stay active and make it a habit of exercising at least 15-minutes daily. Exercise tends to keep a person fit both physically and mentally. So make a routine to take a little time out of your daily schedule, plan your fitness regime and try to follow and maintain it. Join a gym or go for home workouts or whatever suits you, like going for a walk, walking upstairs, jogging, or doing yoga. You can even start with a simple 15-minute walk and gradually build up your stamina. The benefits of staying physically active are:

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Makes bones strong
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Good for brain health and memory

Sometimes less is more when it comes to daily 15-minute exercise. Health experts at emeds pharmacy suggest that just 15 minutes of exercise daily can boost your life expectancy by almost three years and cut death risk by 14%. A short workout lasting just 15 minutes (or less) can offer a world of surprising benefits like:

Exercise keeps you Healthy and Fit

Instead of sitting idle and not doing any exercise, a 15-minute daily workout is good enough to lose calories and help you lose weight. Trainers and athletes both are in favour of shorter bursts of high-intensity exercises. More concise and higher intensity workouts not just burn calories; but also improve blood flow, circulation, metabolism, sleep patterns, and mood.

Science suggests that 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise could be enough to keep us fit and healthy. A daily 15-minute regular exercise maintains blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels. It also lowers body fat.

Improved Mental Health

Regular exercise tends to impact our mood and mental health positively. Exercise has mood-boosting effects. A 15-minute of running is magical enough to wave off depression. It’s now a standard practice to recommend a walk or short workout to patients feeling down or depressed. Psychiatrists believe a daily 15-minute run or a similar equivalent of more moderate exercise can reduce depression risk by 26%. Cortisol is a stress hormone and is an accurate gauge of your stress level at a given time. A 15-minute regular exercise has lowered cortisol levels among people diagnosed with major depressive disorder. It may take as little as five minutes to feel the mood-boosting effects of working out.

Sharpens Your Brain

Exercise not just benefits our muscles and body; it has a tremendous effect on our brain too. A 10-15 minute exercise boosts our cognitive skills and performance. A simple 15-minute workout helps sharpen memory. Research proves that a short walk increases the connectivity within brain regions responsible for memory storage and recollection.

Exercise Causes Happiness

Research suggests physically active people are happier. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle produce life satisfaction and happiness. Staying active even for 15 minutes and eating right make people happy and healthy. Happiness is a by-product of a life well-lived. It is an outcome of our healthy choices. We all know there is an association between exercise and well-being. Do you know that a 15-minute regular exercise marks a relationship between lifestyle and life satisfaction? Change your lifestyle and get life satisfaction. Make healthy choices and live a quality life. Try to engage yourself and invest your efforts in making your life healthier and more proactive. Prioritize your health over bad choices or unhealthy patterns of life. Once committed, never compromise on the quality of life because what matters is the quality of life, not just how long you live.

Exercise Helps Lose Weight

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. Weight loss requires a calorie deficit. Each time you create a deficit of 3500 calories, you will lose 1 Ib. of excess weight. A 15-minute jog every morning sets a momentum of burning calories fast and helps you lose weight. An intense workout and dietary changes help you accomplish your goal fast. The calories you burn while jogging depends on your weight. You will lose weight if you do a 15-minute jog every morning and do not increase your caloric intake. Suppose your weight is 155 pounds; you will lose approximately 1 pound every three to four weeks. If your weight is 185 pounds, you will lose 1 pound in less than three weeks. To lose a pound each week, cut 500 calories from your diet plus the weight you are losing through jogging. The more you weigh, the faster you will lose weight by adding 15-minute jogging to your daily routine.

Exercise (Cycling) Boosts Heart Health

Despite other health benefits of 15-minute exercise daily, cycling 15-minute daily boosts heart health. It is high-intensity, low-impact, and beneficial for heart health. Exercise daily can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 29% in women and 21% in men. Cycling and cardio have a clear connection; cycling is good for the brain too. Cycling for just 15-minutes can sharpen your memory. When we pedal a cycle, we increase the amount of blood flowing through the body and to the brain.

15-Minute Exercise Daily Improves sleep

Sleep is an essential factor for maintaining physical health and emotional well-being. Inadequate sleep or poor sleep quality makes it difficult even for a healthy person to work-study or socialize. Poor sleep quality leads to a wide range of health issues like dementia, heart disease, obesity, and depression. Sleep affects our hormone levels. When we do not get enough sleep, we are more stressed. Exercise helps regulate our blood circulation and results in good sound sleep. A 15-minute daily workout at least 6 hours before bedtime helps you have a deep and sound sleep.

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