Crimes of Kevin Spacey, What will be the punishment?

Crimes of Kevin Spacey: Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey appeared in London’s Old Bailey court today. He pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges against him.

5 men alleged that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted them, After which the actor is in trouble. Although he denied all allegations.

In total there are 5 sexual assault charges on him. Four counts of sexual assault and one other sex offense. Apart from this several men accused him of being a pedophile.

If Kevin would found guilty he might be sentenced to imprisonment for life.

Crimes of Kevin Spacey

On Oct. 29, 5 men come forward to allege that Kevin Spacey sexually harassed, assaulted, or attempted to rape them. 

2 of the assault charges were carried out by a man in his 40s, in London in March 2005. Spacey is accused of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a man without consent in London in Aug 2008.

These are the cases that are in court, Apart from these more than a dozen men accused him of sexual advances and nonconsensual sexual activities.

  • In an interview with Buzzfeed on October 29, 2017, Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp revealed that he visited Kevin Spacey’s New York apartment in 1986 when he was 14 years old when Kevin Spacey tried to sexually advance on him.
  • Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos told that Spacey fondled or tried to fondle him against his will while he was at the Old Vic theater in London and Spacey was artistic director there.
  • A bartender named Daniel Beal alleged that when he came to his hotel when he was 19 years old, Kevin had completely exposed himself to Daniel and gave him an expensive watch to keep his mouth shut.
  • A person named Justin Dawes told that Kevin Spacey had invited him and his friend to his apartment and started watching adult films.
  • Harry Dreyfuss The son of actor Richard Dreyfuss alleged that Spacey groped his genitals when he was 18 and his father was in the room.
  • Tony Montana told that drunken Spacey groped his genitals and chased him into a bathroom of a pub. “He grabbed my whole package, he grabbed me hard; no one had ever done that to me,” said Montana, who was then in his 30s.
  • According to London police in the year 2008 Spacey sexually assaulted a bartender he had gone to him seeking advice on his career.
  • A former child actor alleges that he was in a sexual relationship with Spacey in 1983. He left this relationship because Spacey allegedly attempted to rape him. He said that Spacey is a pedophile.
  • Kevin Sexually assaulted a productions assistant on the House of Cards sets. The Assistant said Kevin was touching him nonconsensually.
  • One British Journalist allege that Kevin grabbed his genitals when he was with Spacey for an Interview.
  • He Groped the genitals of the 18-year-old son of a Former Boston TV News Anchor.
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The actor, whose real name is Kevin Spacey Fowler, was granted unconditional bail ahead of a provisional trial date of June 6, 2023. Spacey was stripped of an International Emmy Award in the wake of the claims.

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