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Covid19: IIT, NIT, and IIM students launched ‘Sahyog’ to Help people in the lockdown

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Ground Report , New Delhi:

Due to 21 days of lockdown in the country and an increasing number of people getting affected by COVID-19, many people are left on the roads without food, shelter, minimal hygiene and healthcare facilities. Thousands of migrant workers from metropolitan cities working in different parts of India have started journey back to their native places by walking in the absence of any means of transportation and the essential items.

Many NGOs, government bodies are coming forward and trying to arrange the essentials for them but most of the affected people are not getting access to those arrangements due to lack of information and awareness.

A group of students from different to aid stranded workers, homeless, migrants, people facing most vulnerabilities, and combat with the situation arisen by COVID-19 epidemic, at this desperate times with the help of local administration and NGOs.

They are readily offering their expertise in the area of technology, management, and social sciences utilising their skills of brainstorming, critical thinking and problem solving.

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They mention special thanks to an alumni startup of IIT-Guwahati called Edvizo for providing technical support on a voluntary basis.

Vikrant Singh, a research scholar at IIT Guwahati said that today morning, they launched a dedicated online platform https://sahyog.app and established a toll free no. 1800-212-7144, to assist in every form, fulfilling various requirements of the needy, at this catastrophic times, when only the philanthropy and benevolence of humanity, and constant vigil can save us from this great deluge.

Vikrant Singh said that people can both post and ask their queries, using this options of online platform and toll free no., if they are facing any difficulties. This online platform, is easy to navigate, user friendly. People can post their requirements, and needs, also people who want to donate, and help can post their resources.

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This site is constantly being monitored and regularly updated with the refurbished information.

According to the group, it works in the area of information collection and dissemination.

They collect requirements from the needy ones and then coordinate with the local administration and NGOs to fulfill the requirement.

So far, they have collaborated with 40 different NGOs who are active in various parts of the country during this epidemic. They said they are currently prioritising the migrant workers and old-age people, who are most vulnerable in this pandemic. They are helping in getting basic amenities like food, drinking water, mask, soap, sanitizer, cloths and essential medicines.

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In these compelling times, rumors are also spreading rapidly, especially in the rural areas. The team is also helping the public distinguish between rumors and facts regarding the response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Rumors are cross-verified from the sources like WHO and CDC. The team is also creating videos related to COVID-19 in local languages to aware the people living in remote areas.

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The team is looking to expand its services in this time to other needy states, covering more districts and villages, to match with the demand. If anybody looking to volunteer with them, one can contact at app.sahyog@gmail.com.