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Covid-19 stats: Global cases, fatalities and vaccination trends

The number of cases globally stands at 174.9 million, while death toll has crossed 3.7 million. Here's a look at current Covid-19 stats.

By shreyyamundhra
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Covid19 Vaccine

The Covid vaccination programme aims to vaccinate every adult in the world, making it the largest one in history.

Ground Report | New Delhi: The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage all over the world. As of today, the number of confirmed cases globally stands at 174.9 million, while the world death toll has crossed 3.7 million. The latest daily figure mentions 450,196 new cases and 10,350 new deaths. While the cumulative case count and fatalities are increasing, there is a downward trend- fewer new cases and deaths every day. At the same time, vaccine programs, although progressing at different paces, have begun in most countries. Here's a look at current Covid-19 stats.

Region and country-wise stats

Europe has recorded the highest number of confirmed cases out of all other regions. Here, the total confirmed cases at present stand at 53,493,040 while the total death count is at 1,149,349. Asia is the second worst-affected in terms of confirmed cases which stand at 38,084,704. However, Latin America and the Caribbean region have a greater death toll (1,201,834 deaths) despite having lesser confirmed cases than Asia. Incidentally, North America has also recorded a greater number of deaths (621,903) than Asia. Its case count, 34,681,825, is the third-highest amongst all the regions.


The top 3 worst-affected countries, in terms of the highest number of cases, are the US (33,275,851 cases), India (29,274,823 cases), and Brazil (17,210,969 cases). These 3 are also the most adversely impacted countries in terms of total deaths so far. The death toll in the US stands at 596,054, while in Brazil it's at 482,019. India has recently hit 363,079 marks.

However, in reference to the death rate, i.e., number of deaths per 100,000 people, Peru is the worst-hit country. Its recorded death rate is 587.2.

Vaccination progress

The Covid vaccination programme aims to vaccinate every adult in the world, making it the largest vaccination programme in history. 2,297,196,810 doses have been administered in over 190 countries so far. On average, 29.5 doses have been administered per 100 people. However, it is imperative to note that the number of doses does not directly correspond with the number of people vaccinated since this is cumulative of first and second doses.


China and the US are leading the vaccination drive, having administered 845 million and 300 million doses respectively. India, which has administered around 240 million doses, ranks third. However, there is a gap in the progress of vaccination campaigns and even the procurement of vaccines. Countries in Europe and the Americas are doing well, while many African nations are facing supply issues. Many lower-income countries are relying on Covax, an international scheme working to ensure everyone has access to the Covid vaccine, for deliveries. Globally, around 200 potential vaccines are undergoing trials to evaluate their safety and efficacy.

Issues with Covid-19 stats

There are certain problems with trying to collect statistics on a global level. Different countries use different methodologies for recording covid cases and deaths. This makes a comparison between countries and regions difficult. Moreover, there have been issues such as under-reporting of deaths or cases due to inadequate tracking mechanisms, low testing rates, etc. Interpretation of Covid-19 stats must allow room for such gaps.

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