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Covid-19: epidemic will not end soon, says WHO chief

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World Health Organization chief Tedross Adhonum Gibriasus has warned that by taking steps for public health, the corona epidemic can be controlled in a few months, but this  virus is not going to go away. 

He said that even though 78 crore doses of corona vaccine have been applied so far globally, but this epidemic is far from over.

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In December, 2019 began expanding from Wuhan China, corona virus has infected the 13.65 million people all over the world so far and 2 , 944 , killed 500 people.

The World Health Organization chief said, “For six consecutive weeks in January and February, there has been a decrease in corona cases. But the cases of infection have been increasing rapidly for the past seven weeks and the number of deaths has also increased significantly since the last four weeks. 

Last week, record cases of corona infection were recorded. In many countries of Asia and the Middle East, there has been a sharp jump in infection cases.

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witnessing a boom.Image caption: In recent times, there has been a spurt in cases of corona infection in India.

At a press conference in Geneva, he said that the vaccine is a powerful weapon to fight the epidemic, but it is not that only this weapon can defeat the epidemic.

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He said,  Social distancing, applying masks and washing hands frequently and staying in a ventilated place – they all work against the epidemic. Also we can prevent corona infection and save lives by taking care of each other with surveillance, contact tracing, isolation and understanding.”

He said that the pandemic is being treated and there is no uniformity in the steps taken for public health, due to which cases of infection are gaining momentum and people are losing their lives.

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He said that people should stop treating it as a minor flu because this virus has also killed young and healthy people.

He said, “Among those who have been cured of its infection, what is the far-reaching consequences of this disease, nothing is clear yet. Some people think that she is young and if they become Kovid-19, there will not be much difference.”

The World Health Organization chief said that the world has many reasons to maintain hope, but it is important to know that the epidemic is not going to end.

He said,  Earlier this year there was a drastic reduction in cases of corona infection and deaths from it. It says that it is possible to control the epidemic and that the virus and its variants can be prevented from spreading. If we take appropriate steps for public health and insist on getting a vaccine, then the epidemic can be controlled in a few months. 

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 But whether we do it or not is our personal decision, or our government takes this decision for us. 

He said that it is impossible to reach all countries quickly and equally at the rapid pace at which the corona vaccine is being produced globally.

He said that governments need to emphasize the safe production of vaccines within the country and for this a national regulatory body is needed.

He said that the country which is interested in producing the Corona vaccine can take help from the organization for this.

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