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‘Coup to remove Putin, Ukraine is winning this war’

‘Coup to remove Putin, Ukraine is winning this war’

Ukraine’s spy chief claimed last night that a coup to oust Vladimir Putin is already underway and that Russia would lose the war by the end of this year. Budanov added that at the end of the summer there will be a turning point that will lead to the removal of Putin as president. “It will be in the second half of August,” the general explained to Sky News.

Putin’s departure will mean a radical change in the invasion of Ukraine. For Budanov, by the end of the year, the fighting will have ended and “we will renew Ukrainian power in all our territories.”

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence did not reveal where his information came from, but in the country, they consider that this optimism may have a more or less solid basis because Budanov was one of the few officers who warned of the intentions of the Russian army.

The general was highly critical of the invading forces, whom he described as “a horde of people with guns”, and described as the much-publicized “myth” of Russian power. Regarding Vladimir Putin, he added that he is in “a very bad mental and physical state” due to cancer and other illnesses he suffers from.

The truth is that Putin’s public appearances have been significantly reduced in recent months and when he appears on television, his image is very careful. Still, in March after giving a speech in favour of invading Ukraine, he was seen struggling down a flight of stairs.

His right hand could also be seen shaking, the same one he tried to stop by grasping the armrest of a chair during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

To increase speculation about his health, last Wednesday Putin did not attend the annual ice hockey game in which he is the protagonist every year. It is the second time that the Russian president has not attended the meeting since 2012… The first time was for health reasons.

The rumours have reached such a point that on Thursday there was already talk that the Kremlin has prepared several body doubles for the president to make public appearances while the Russian leader underwent urgent surgery that would have him “out of action” for a few days.

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