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Corona Virus Lockdown: Guidelines for Muslims of India in Ramadan

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Saudi Arabia’s top-most religious council has appealed to Muslims around the world not to offer prayers in mosques during the holy month of Ramadan to curb the spread of the corono virus. The Council of Senior Scholars said that Muslims should avoid gatherings.

Ramadan will start in India from 23 or 24 April and will last a month. After this, the festival of Eid is celebrated in which people usually visit each other’s house and hug.

There is a complete lockdown in India due to Coronavirus and mosques across the country are closed. Saudi Arabia also closed its mosques, including the Mecca Masjid, the world’s holiest.

The Islamic government of Iran has said that if Muslims do not want to fast in Ramadan because of the lockdown, then there is no harm.

On the other hand, the responsible Muslims of India have also advised people not to go to the mosque and offer Namaz during the month of Ramadan.

But the Imams and clerics of neighboring Pakistan revolted against their government and a council of clerics has announced that Muslims will go to mosques and offer prayers in the month of Ramadan.

Guidelines for Ramadan

The intellectuals of India have issued some guidelines for Indian Muslims, after consulting the clerics, among which are the following:

Instead of mosques, Muslims should offer namaz in their homes and also lock azan with loudspeakers from mosques in lockdown.

  • Prayers offered at night after the opening of Rosa and Taraweeh (an important prayer after opening Rosa) are also read in homes. Do not organize iftar party in mosques
  • Do not get out of homes to buy anything for Ramzan

Apart from this, many mosques across the country are also announced to follow the lockdown in the month of Ramzan.

There is an old mosque in the Maharani Bagh area of ​​Delhi, whose gate is locked. Muinul Haq, who took care of it, said that the mosque is closed, but there is a time for a five-hour loudspeaker in which an appeal is being made to offer prayers at the Namaz house in Ramadan.

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Muslims have started preparations for Ramadan. But talking to people, it seems that in this lockdown, they are preparing for spiritual preparation instead of food and drink.

The month of Ramadan will be a major challenge for Muslims. This is the holiest month of Muslims, during which Muslims offer prayers and Quran together in mosques for 30 days.

Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi says, “Those who do not go to mosques on normal days, do so in Ramadan. They feel that if they do not go to the mosque in this Happy month, it would be a crime. It has been tried that if Mecca (Saudi Arabia) can be locked for a few days, then the mosque is a small thing in front of it. “

Why was the guideline a lockdown?
According to Najib Alam, an Imam of a mosque in Meerut, Ramadan is the month of prayer. Prayer can also be done in homes. But in this month mosques are more populated.

While this challenge is for every Muslim community in the world where the lockdown is in force, but the Muslims and religious leaders of India have issued guidelines to ensure that the Muslims follow the lockdown.

MJ Khan, president of the Indian Minorities Economic Development Agency, said, “This is a very commendable step and shows that community leaders are taking meaningful steps to prevent the spread of the corono virus.”

Thousands of people had gathered recently during the religious gathering of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi and many of these people were found to have Corona cases.

After this, the Muslim community responsible for the cases of Corona virus spreading in India in the media and social media began to be held. There were complaints of discrimination against Muslims at various places.

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The Indian Muslims for India First, an organization of Muslims in Delhi, has prepared these guidelines under the supervision of clerics and imams.

Apart from this, Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa also announced action against those who defame Muslims regarding Corona.

And now on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi himself said that “covid-19 does not look at caste, religion, color, caste, creed, language or boundaries. Therefore unity and brotherhood should be given priority in our reaction and conduct. In this situation I am together. “

Some Muslims even say that the lockdown period should be extended till the end of Ramadan. Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University Feroze Bakht Ahmad has written a letter to the Prime Minister requesting that the lockdown period be extended from May 3 to May 24 so that the entire Ramadan month passes under lockdown.

“In Ramadan, a large number of people fasting in the Taraweeh (an important prayer after the Rosa) go to the mosque. According to the guidelines, Muslims follow the lockdown and do not go to the mosques.”

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