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Coronavirus: ‘No entry’ to outsiders’ a village between Delhi- Agra national highway

coronavirus affecting villages between Delhi Agra

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Coronavirus is in the grip of big cities like Delhi and Agra and many other cities of India. After the cases of Coronavirus affected, the villages between the Delhi and Agra have also decided to compete against Coronavirus.

Entry of outsiders to nearly half a dozen villages adjacent to the Delhi-Agra National Highway has been completely banned. Along with this, villagers are using sanitizer or soap along with wearing masks. People are also being made aware of corona in the morning and evening.

Most of the youths of these villages along the highway go to Delhi-NCR to work, but due to the outbreak of Corona, most of the youth have returned to home. By adopting social distancing, outsiders have been banned in these villages.

Here for about 3 hours in the morning, the youth of the village stand with sticks in their hands and stop the people coming from nearby.

Akash, Harekrishna, Satyaprakash, Rohit Sharma and Manish Chaudhary, residents of Alhepur village, say that a few days ago, many bike riders were seen entering the village. This arrangement has been made to stop those. At the same time, there was a danger of spreading corona from those who sold many new items in Jait, so now entry has also been stopped there according to the report of News18.

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Wood and thorn fences have been erected on the main road of this village, which is situated between Mathura to Agra. The head of the place Badan Singh has clearly instructed people not to go out.

However, the people of the village are also supporting it. Brahmaswaroop, a resident of the village, says that all the people are keeping distance from the people of other villages.

Kota residents Anil and Mohanshyam Sharma say that the people of these two villages have stopped the gathering of elders and putting on chaupal. These people are coming out of the house only because of very important work. They are being kept at home. Although many elderly people are also worried about this happening, but have agreed to stay in homes for fear of spreading the disease. If the farmers are going to their fields, then they are also taking care of distance in conversation with other people.

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