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Corona virus: Most affected countries have managed to reduce new cases

Ground Report, Wahid Bhat:
As Coronavirus outbreaks, 14.41 million people have been infected while approximately 83,000 have lost their lives. In the meantime, there have been some relief reports and many countries somehow managed to reduce the number of new cases. According to Tracker at Jones Hopkins University, new cases have declined in six of the most affected countries. Let’s know about them.

Italy: New cases are decreasing

In Italy , the country most affected by the Corona virus , 17,127 people have died due to this, while 1.35 lakh have been found infected. There has been a lockdown since last five weeks and due to this new cases started coming down. On March 20, Italy had the highest number of 6,000 new cases. After this, a number of cases occurred on 29 and 30 March and since then the number of new cases has remained between 4,000-4,800.

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Spain reduces new cases for five consecutive days from April

At the same time , 1.41 lakh cases of corona virus have been reported in Spain , which have been under lockdown since 15 March, and 14,045 people have died. The country’s highest number of 9,000 new cases was reported on 24 March and new cases have been declining for the last few days. From April 1 to the next five days, there was a daily decrease in new cases in Spain.

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New cases have also come down in Germany

Germany , which was closed since 22 March, has also managed to reduce the number of new cases. The country had the highest number of 6,933 new cases on 27 March, while 6,922 new cases were reported on 2 April. But since then, there has been a steady decline in new cases and for six consecutive days, new cases have been between 3,200-4,600. A total of 1.07 lakh cases have been reported in the country and 2,016 have died.

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Similarly, there has been a decrease in new cases in the Netherlands. The country has a targeted lockdown and is working under the scheme of herd immunity. On March 27, the Netherlands had the highest number of 1,179 new cases, but after this the number of new cases has been decreasing continuously for the last eight days. Let us tell you that the corona virus has the highest death rate in the Netherlands and more than 2,000 deaths occurred on about 20,000 infected.


In the United States with the highest incidence of infections, the curve seems to be flat. After the highest number of 33,264 new cases reported on April 4, new cases have come down since last three days and now 28,000-29,000 new cases are being reported daily. The US does not have a full lockdown and only a few states have issued orders for people to stay indoors. So far, 12,700 have died in the country.

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Iran: New cases are decreasing since last eight days

Iran , the country most affected by the Corona virus in the Middle East , is seen to be operating a lockdown. New cases have been declining in the country for the last eight days and the number of new cases has remained between 2,000 and 2,750 since April 1. Let me tell you that so far 62,589 cases of infection with Corona virus have been reported in Iran and 3,872 people have died.


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