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Corona epidemic and increasing famine

New Covid cases worldwide, an increase of 11% in just one week

Ground Report | Vikas Meshram: Corona epidemic and increasing famine; A recent Oxfam report states that 11 people die of starvation every minute worldwide. That is to say, even in the twenty-first century, hunger swallows a person at five-second intervals. A report by Oxfam, an organization working for poverty alleviation, also found that the number of people facing drought-like conditions has increased six-fold this year compared to last year.

This statistic is also a matter of great concern as the number of people struggling with hunger has increased by 2 crores. According to a report in The Hunger Virus Multiplex, the death toll from starvation is higher than the number of people who die from the corona. The corona causes an average of seven strokes per minute.

It is estimated that more than 150 million people in the world go hungry every day because they do not have enough to eat. After the threat of a global corona epidemic, the threat of starvation is having the greatest impact on them.

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The situation is much worse this year than last year as the global poverty eradication program has been hampered by the Corona epidemic and poverty eradication has been made even more difficult as the country’s economies supporting the World Food Program have been hit by the Corona epidemic. Other campaigns, including the Global Food Program, have mainly undermined the economic structure of countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Russia, and China. Significantly, last year the United Nations requested 35 billion in aid for 200 million people, more than half of which only raised 17 billion.

Abby Maxman, president and chief executive officer of Oxfam USA, says the death toll from starvation is shocking. But let’s not forget that these famines are caused by the Corona epidemic, which occurred during times of unimaginable suffering. About 15.5 crore people in the world are facing a severe food crisis, the report claims. The number of affected people is two crores more than last year’s figure and about two-thirds of them are starving. The main reason why people are suffering from hunger is the ongoing power struggle in their country.

According to Maxman, ruthless conflict and the growing climate crisis have pushed more than 5,20000 people to the brink of starvation. Instead of fighting the global epidemic, rival groups are fighting each other. The Corona epidemic has spread worldwide, but instead of fighting the epidemic, the world is fighting for power. World military spending has increased by $ 51 billion. That’s at least six times the amount the United Nations needs to end hunger.

The list of countries most affected by the famine includes Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen. All these countries are in a state of conflict. It is worth noting that Maxman’s statement makes it clear that denying ordinary citizens access to humanitarian aid by denying them food and water is tantamount to using hunger as a weapon of war.

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In countries where overpopulation is facing such serious humanitarian crises, the policies of those countries are undoubtedly more responsible for its origin. Most Latin American and African countries are also facing crises such as power struggles. Civil wars have displaced civilians in many lands. The situation is even worse in developing countries, where the crisis is exacerbated by governments’ lack of liberal attitudes and policies towards the poor. (Corona epidemic and increasing famine)

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres estimated a year ago that the epidemic would push 50 million more people into poverty. His fears are becoming a reality today. Currently, more than half of the world’s population is starving. In a situation where the world is bent on coping with the Corona epidemic, there is an urgent need to address the crisis of hunger.

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