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Home » Complete story of Muslim boys Mudassir and Sahil Killed in Protests in India?

Complete story of Muslim boys Mudassir and Sahil Killed in Protests in India?

Complete story of Muslim boys Mudassir and Sahil Killed in Protests in India?

At least two people are believed to have died and more than 18 were seriously injured after police opened fire in Ranchi to quell protests by thousands of Muslims who gathered on Ranchi’s main road near the daily market on Friday, June 10, to protest against the disparaging remarks of Bharatiya Janata, now expelled. Party (BJP) Spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammad.

“Two people of the total number of injured who were transferred to the Rajendra Medical Institute hospital after the violence in Ranchi have died due to injuries,” the health center told reporters. The deceased, who was injured after a clash with the police, were part of the twenty people injured in the demonstrations that took place on Friday both in Ranchi and in other regions of the country. Three of them are in serious condition.

On June 10, two teenagers – Mohammad Mudasir, 14 and Mohammad Sahil, 19 – were killed and more than 20 others were injured after police allegedly fired on protesters in Ranchi. (Muslim killed In India)

The city’s police superintendent, Anshuman Kumar, said two people died in the violence and dozens were injured, including police officers. Several districts of the capital of Jharkhand – Ranchi have been put under curfew after the situation became tense in the city.

The families of 14-year-old Mudassar and 19-year-old Sahil Ansari, saying that after Friday prayers in Ranchi, police opened fire on protesters demanding the arrest of two arrogant BJP leaders.

According to Mudassar’s uncle, his nephew was shot in the head by police. He was rushed to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences in critical condition, where he was reunited with his real creator. Mudassar was the only son of the parents. Due to the martyrdom of her flower-like child, her mother’s nature is unhealthy.

Mudassar’s uncle Shahid Ayubi said many people across India and even beyond were protesting against Nupur Sharma’s “unacceptable” remarks about the Prophet of Islam. “We were also protesting,” he said.

He blamed police for killing his nephew and said police had not been able to handle the situation. “What does it mean when they (the police) started firing directly at the crowd? It’s clear that their intention was to kill us. Their actions worsened the situation in the city,” he told Boom. “No one will believe us because we are Muslims.” (Muslim killed In India)

Talking to an NDTV, the grief-stricken mother said, “I had a phone conversation with Mudassar a few minutes before the incident. I told her not to go in the crowd and she told me Mimi, I stand apart. Shortly afterwards, his friend called to say that Mudassar had been shot. There is no one left in my world. Mudassar was my only son, who was taken away from me by the oppressors. Who will judge me a friend of Mudassar who was present at the time of the incident said that a stampede broke out when the police opened fire on the peaceful protesters. Mudassar was standing in a separate place chanting slogans. And suddenly fell down. When he and other friends approached him, his head was bleeding. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. But his life could not be saved.

Nineteen-year-old Sahil’s brother Faizan, who was shot dead by police, said he was shot in the back while returning home after Friday prayers. Faizan said: “My brother’s kidney was ruptured by a bullet fired by the police and he died at the hospital shortly afterwards.”

“Mudassar was a young boy. He had no idea the protest could turn violent. He was in the front row of the protest. So he became an easy target for police bullets. One bullet hit him in the skull,” said Ayoubi.

In the video, the Mother of Mudassar said, “My little boy is martyred for our Islam. Today, this mother is proud that he has laid his life for the Prophet. He has attained martyrdom. I don’t have any sorrow.”

She further says, “Islam zindabad tha, Islam zindabad hai, Islam zindabad rahega” and that no power in the world, including the government can stop Islam. In her comment on being proud of her son “sacrificing his life for Prophet Muhammad”. (Muslim killed In India)

Mudassar, like 19-year-old Muhammad Sahil, a first-year college student, went to India for Friday prayers. As he was returning home immediately after the prayers, there were clashes in the area.

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