Coach suspended for getting massage from trainee cricketer in UP

The Uttar Pradesh government has suspended a coach who was seen receiving a body massage from a young cricketer at the Ravindra Kishore Shahi Sports Stadium here in a viral video.

District Magistrate Jitendra Pratap Singh ordered an investigation into the case by a three-member team on Wednesday and requested a report within three working days.

Taking notice of the footage, sporting director R P Singh has suspended assistant manager Abdul Ahad, according to an official statement here.

According to the order, during the suspension period, Ahad will report to the regional office in Lucknow. The sports director appointed Deputy Sports Director RN Singh as the Investigating Officer, who will report back soon.

Another video is also being widely shared where the minor player can be seen making serious accusations against the coach.

The player accused the coach of using abusive language and forcing him to give him a massage and not letting him go home. He also claimed that the coach wouldn’t let him talk to his father.

SDM Sadar, Saurabh Singh, who is one of the investigation team, said the cricketer-in-training has alleged that the coach did not allow him to speak to his family whenever phone calls were made.

The trainee had filed many complaints which are being investigated by the investigative committee, the SDM said.

Calling the matter “serious” that needed to be investigated, the DM had said: “It is highly reprehensible to make children/athletes do such a thing. Appropriate action will be taken after receiving the investigation report.”


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