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Home » Climate failure and social crisis among main global risks for 2022

Climate failure and social crisis among main global risks for 2022

Climate failure and social crisis among main global risks for 2022

Ground Report | New Delhi: Climate failure and social crisis; The world is increasingly concerned about the threat of climate change at a global level and that, precisely, is one of the four most important risks that experts see for the coming years, according to a perception survey by the World Economic Forum.

Climate failure and social crisis

Completing the top four risks, the study points out that cybersecurity, competition in space, and growing social tensions will set the agenda for the coming years. On the one hand, the report states that, although the environmental concern of those surveyed was latent before the pandemic, the growing concern about the failure of climate action reveals the lack of confidence of those surveyed in the capacity of the governments of the world. to contain climate change.

However, the results also show differences, between regions and countries, in terms of emergencies in the coming years. While “climate action failure” ranks second as a near-term risk in the US, it ranks 23rd in China, the two biggest polluters in the world.

A second emerging risk mentioned in the report is related to cybersecurity. He says that cyber risks have increased in the last two years, as the world is becoming more dependent on digital systems.

According to the survey, “digital inequality” is seen as an imminent threat to the world, due to the fact that nearly 3,000 million people still do not have access to the internet.

Debt crisis

However, it was also the case that many countries and industries were able to quickly access and adapt smoothly to new forms of interaction and remote work, as was the case during the lockdowns forced by the pandemic.

Other concerns have to do with economic development since the “debt crisis” was identified as a global threat for the next two years, although it could reach its most critical point in three or five years.

In fact, only 11% of those surveyed think that the world will have an accelerated global economic recovery in the next two years, while 89% perceive that the short-term economic outlook will be volatile, fractured or increasingly catastrophic. In that scenario, there would also be the risk of greater social tensions.

Increase in space debris

The World Economic Forum report also warns of an increase in the density of objects in orbit, within the framework of global space competition. The report estimates that there are a million pieces of debris one centimeter or larger in Earth orbit. In addition, it projects that around 70,000 satellites will be launched in the next decade and there will be five new space stations by 2030. It says that further exploitation of orbits carries the risk of congestion, increased debris and possible collisions.

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