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How College Football Encourages Climate Change Education?

By Pallav Jain
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How College Football Encourages Climate Change Education?

Climate change is real. Now is the right time to channel efforts into restoring this peeling planet. With the proper guidance and initiatives, young people can become a positive force that will help combat climate change.

Unfortunately, most climate change discussions underrate the role of young people. Many older adults believe college students should focus on getting the best grades and developing themselves. Because of this, only a few college students indulge in fun activities. Some support their local college team and utilize college football odds. Others place bets with friends using NCAA football odds to increase their chances of winning rewards. Some indulge in cycling, eSports, or video gaming.

Since young college students are inseparable from sporting activities, the subject of climate change education can be easily introduced through it.

The questions are - Why is this important? And how is it possible?

How habits can help to combat the effects of climate change

The first and best approach to mitigating the consequences of climate change is by encouraging people to learn new habits. Raising awareness about the effects of climate change can go a long way.

In college, most young people form important life habits. Some pick on new practices and drop them easily. These habits will help shape their lives in the future. 

That's why college is the best place to introduce habits that will help young people curtail the effects of climate change. This can be achieved through sporting events like college football.

How college football can help students form climate change habits

Many students value and enjoy college football because of its high level of competition. Supporting their local football team helps many college students discover themselves.

College football can help young people develop helpful habits quickly through various endeavors. These endeavors are:


College football teams should be at the forefront of promoting good climate change habits. College teams can easily rally students and encourage them to commit to certain practices to help save the planet.

For example, they can advocate for students to use public transportation instead of driving to school. They can also promote the use of reusable water bottles and discourage the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Additionally, they can encourage students to compost their food waste instead of throwing it away. By taking these small steps, college football teams can make a big difference in the fight against climate change.


College students love freebies. A simple reward program supported by college football teams can quickly introduce positive habits to students.


Education remains crucial in combating climate change headlong. The subject of climate change should be assigned as a compulsory course. Practical sessions involving this topic can also be incorporated. This will ensure that the youth are sensitized about climate change at an early stage and also help in framing public policy. The role of education doesn't end here. It is important to continuously update the curriculum so as to keep pace with the latest developments in this field.

Furthermore, research and development play a vital role in bringing out new and innovative technologies which can help reduce our carbon footprint.

It is thus evident that education is a powerful tool that can be used to combat climate change effectively.

The devastating effects of climate change are visible. Millions of properties were destroyed after torrential rainstorms sacked scores of neighborhoods in the recent wake of Hurricane Ian.

Bad human habits contribute to climate change. Habits like poor waste disposal, global warming, destruction of ecosystems, deforestation, etc., are catching up fast with terrible consequences.

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