Local parks turns into hangout spot for students bunking classes in Kashmir

Even as the government claiming to have taken steps to provide quality education, the students studying at Valley’s prominent educational institutions could be seen roaming freely in different parts of city.

Interestingly, the students can be seen wearing uniform throughout the day while non from the administration including the state police bother to look into the matter.

Reliable sources informed that the students including boys as well as the girls can be seen sitting outside schools whole day.

Something ‘fishy’ is happening in the administration as they are paying no heed to curb the possible menace. The report said that people in that area said there is lot of problem regarding this issue as there is students which are not attend their class everyday they are involve immoral activates.

Passer byres and eyewitness working at different shops around the park said that the students studying different schools in Kashmir valley could be seen skipping classes, roaming around, sitting in groups and having fun in Pratap Park for whole day.

The boys and girls seen inside Partap Park in schools uniforms are hardly checked by the concern officials, especially school authorities, if they are really bunking the classes and wondering around for hangout.

Many pedestrians told Groundreport.in that the administration is paying no heed to curb this practice by the young student. Adding that this has led to immoral activates in the area too.

When asked, a group of students from Jawahar Nagar School told Groundreport.in, “In the month March of we have attended only 9 classes and in April not a 11 class, because we attend classes in tuition centers so why we need to attend school”.

Ironically they added that they don’t need to attend school. One of the teachers while talking to Groundreport.in said that the students should follow the rules and regulation of an institution. He added that tuition centers are the main reason that students take classes in school easy.

Earlier Chief Education Officer, Srinagar, Malik Naseer has issued a notice to the heads of education institutions directing them to take strict measures against the students who bunk the classes and inform their parents.

“It has come to the notice that students are bunking their classes and are found mostly in the Jehlum Park. The students have been identified and reported to be the students of Government Boys and Girls Schools,” reads the notice.

“More ever the Head of the Institutions shall inform the parents of such students who are found involved in such activity,” reads the order.