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China will increase cooperation with Afghanistan in BRI

Ground Report | New Delhi: China will increase cooperation; Since the capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, many changes are clearly visible at the global level as well. The position of China has also become very important after the capture of Taliban.

China, Russia and Pakistan are among the few countries that have kept their embassies open in Kabul even after the Taliban took over.

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Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu recently also held the first diplomatic talks with Taliban officials.

China publicly stated that it wanted to develop friendly relations with the Taliban, just days after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin answered questions related to Afghanistan in a daily press conference on Friday.

Russian news agency Sputnik, citing al-Jazeera, asked that the Taliban have decided to launch attacks in Panjshir province. What is China’s comment on that and how will it affect the situation in Afghanistan?

China will increase cooperation

At the same time, he was asked whether there will be talks between the countries on the situation in Afghanistan in the 13th BRICS summit to be held in India?

In response, Wang Wenbin said that China hopes that all sides in Afghanistan try to resolve differences in consultation with the expectations of the Afghan people and the expectation of the international community, and ensure a stable Afghanistan so that no war can be fought. May peace be established as soon as possible in this country that has suffered.

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Responding to the discussion in the BRICS summit, he said that BRICS is an important cooperation forum for developing markets and major developing countries. In fact, the BRICS countries had recently discussed the Afghan issue through the BRICS meeting of National Security Advisors.

When asked whether China would cooperate with Afghanistan under the Belt and Road Initiative in the near future, he said that China and Afghanistan are traditionally good neighbours.

“We have always followed a friendly policy towards the Afghan people. China has long supported peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. Assisted in Afghanistan’s socioeconomic development. For Afghanistan’s self-reliant development and here Positive efforts have been made to improve the lifestyle of the people of the state.

He said, China-Afghanistan cooperation under BRI has also benefited the people.

He stressed that the Taliban have expressed their commitment to promoting a better environment for foreign investors. They believe that BRI can also contribute significantly to national and regional development.

He said that we hope that there will be a steady change for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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