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China settles 3 villages near Arunachal amidst tension on LAC

India China tension

China is not deterring its activities along the Line of Actual Control amidst tension in eastern Ladakh. China has established about 3 villages in West Arunachal near the trinity of India, China and Bhutan.

The area where China has established these three villages is about 5 kilometers from Bomb La Pass. According to NDTV reports, this information was based on a recent image from the satellite.

The recent move by China will further complicate the border dispute between the two countries in the region.

The new construction in this area is part of China’s agenda on the basis of which it wants to strengthen its claim on the area adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh.

Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chelani says that China is working on a strategy to strengthen its territorial claim by settling Han Chinese and Communist Party of Tibetans in the area bordering India. One of China’s objectives is to increase border infiltration.

The new images from the satellite came after China’s move in which it had settled in the occupied Bhutan area.

This area in Bhutan was just 6 kilometers from the 2017 India-China clash in Doklam.

The villages shown in the media report are in Chinese territory and were settled when the Indian and Chinese armies faced each other in East Ladakh.

It is known that 8 rounds of military talks have been held between China and India to restore the status quo in the eastern Ladakh border dispute but till now both sides have not reached any concrete result. With winter rising, deployment of troops in this area is quite difficult.

However, there has been talk of resolving the border dispute through continuous dialogue from the Chinese side. India is also adamant on the demand to restore the status quo before May. It is known that America is also a constant attacker on China.

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