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Home » HOME » China built villages on Bhutanese land near Doklam: Report

China built villages on Bhutanese land near Doklam: Report

China built villages on Bhutanese land near Doklam: Report

Ground Report | New Delhi: China built villages on Bhutanese; A satellite imagery expert monitoring the activities of the Chinese military has tweeted some pictures claiming that China has established new villages inside Bhutan in the last year.

It has been said in the tweet that many villages are visible within a radius of 100 square kilometers. This organization named The Intel Lab has written, “Between 2020-21, new constructions can be seen on the disputed land between Bhutan and China near Doklam. Now many new villages are spread on this land in a hundred square kilometers.

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Intel Lab has also asked the question in its tweet, “Is this part of the new agreement or is China imposing its territorial claims.” In 2017, there has been a dispute between India and China. Even after this, China continued construction work in the area. It is on the land of Bhutan.

If this claim is true, then it may be a matter of concern for India because historically Bhutan has been close to India and India has had a lot of influence on its foreign policy. India also trains Bhutanese forces. (China built villages on Bhutanese)

There is constant pressure on Bhutan from the Chinese side. China wants Bhutan to negotiate borders with it so that the territories can be redefined. Negotiations also took place between the two countries. But what happened in that conversation was not made public. Therefore, doubts are being raised about whether the new construction is part of the same agreement. According to The Intel Lab, these new villages were created between May 2020 and November 2021.

Recently China has passed a new law under which ‘the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China is sacred and intact’. It is believed that China’s new law will have a huge impact on its neighboring countries.

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New construction on Bhutanese soil is of particular concern to India as India has historically advised Bhutan on its foreign relations policy and continues to train its armed forces. Bhutan has faced continued Chinese pressure to renegotiate its land borders – the framework of the agreement has never been fully clarified and it remains to be seen whether these new ties will be implemented on its soil. The construction of villages is part of this agreement.

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