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“Childhood Memories”

Childhood Memories
(There was a paper boat on the shore 
It was fun to play, the heart was wandering
Why are you in this swamp of wisdom?
Even that immature childhood was so lovely )

Khazran Khan | Ground Report

Every one of us grows with dreams in our eyes and a lot of beautiful fantasies. We love to chase birds and butterflies, we love to play with balloons and crackers. And what a sheath of joy that age contains. No knowledge of real-world, no betrayals, no dramas, no rejection, no acceptance … Nothing ever bothers those tiny immature humans. But there is a nation where having a cheerful childhood is just a dream.

They grow with sorrows, grief, vengeance, agony, misery, and devastation. Their seeds of happiness never ripen but are plucked in the midway of harvest. They too dream of living like others; but not only their dreams are broken, they’re even subjected to sleepless nights and terrifying days. That’s how those people live — a life of complete destruction.

Yes, they are buds from Palestine, Kashmir, South Africa, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and the never-ending tales of nations like that. They aren’t only deprived of their basic human rights but are ruthlessly slaughtered and beheaded by the tyrants. They suffer trauma, anxiety, and many psychological problems because of horrible past experiences. And how on Earth will any nation progress when its coming generations are witnessing more threatening things than they can ever imagine? I won’t bring in the political issues that are beyond the scope of this article. I am focusing on the “ Sad Childhood Memories ” of those innocent-faced and pure-hearted humans. Humanity is all that everyone thinks of as the highest form of principle. But where are the humane qualities that will wipe their tears, give them a should to lean on, give them a back for their support? Where are humans like those who lived in our nation’s history?

“One book, One pen, One Child, and One Teacher can change the world”

The question that arises here is why are children’s suffering so many things in today’s world. There should be at least a valid point to justify these innocent killings, wars, chaos, and slaughtering. By any chance is it a crime to be born to those parents who belong to a ruined nation or is it their crime that they’re raised side by side where they witness deaths every now and then.

They are raised at gunpoint, and in an environment where they lose their parents, siblings, and friends to death. They are innocent until they are matured by the happenings around them. How to pity those who kill them. How to pity those who are merciless and toy with them. How to pity all of us who keep silent despite knowing each and everything. Every year this condition gets worse. Children living in war zones are more vulnerable to psychological problems.  If ever we could get a chance to ask them about their childhood memories, I think this is what we could get as an answer:

And here they ask her,
What memories were;
Stored in dark, deep caves,
Of her bitter-sweet past.
The light of happiness,
Burned in rapid flames,
Changing to sooty ashes,
With her every growing day.
The memories still haunts,
When she recalls :
Plight of her childhood,
Enveloped in miseries.
Not daring to hold,
Pink balloons in her hand,
No longer she chased,
The butterflies and birds.
Alas! How it ended,
Is too agonizing to know,
Clearly being reflected,
In her threnody for herself.
Rain wiped her tears,
And flowers gave her smile,
But still, she remembers,
The thorns and thunderstorms.
Too apprehensive of memories,
What her childhood had bought,
Not going to discuss anymore,
Some things of ages ago.
Don’t ask her about the scars,
They are frozen; though deep,
Still figuring a way out,
Searching for the lost remedies.

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Let’s hope all their pain vanishes, let’s hope they’re able to live better lives, let’s hope their sad childhood memories would end soon, let’s hope and pray for those children in distress. That should not be the least we can do for them. Most importantly, let’s raise our voice and take a stand on innocent killings of children.

Written By Khazran Khan she is an engineering student and she can be reached at

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