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Home » Chandigarh MMS Case: Why news channels blurred face of accused girl but not of boy?

Chandigarh MMS Case: Why news channels blurred face of accused girl but not of boy?

Chandigarh MMS Case: Why news channels blurred face of accused girl but not of boy?

Allegations about a Chandigarh University student taking “objectionable videos” of her classmates at the hostel plunged the Mohali institute into a spiral of fear, even when the authorities clarified that there had been no violation of privacy.

After the video of the accused girl went viral on social media, and the whole case was highlighted by national media, However, Main stream Media blurred the photo of the accused girl at Chandigarh University and showed the photo of the accused boy.

Netizens criticized Aaj Tak for showing the face of the male who is involved in the Chandigarh University MMS video case but not of the female who actually filmed & circulated the videos. Some even questioned the India Today group, Why is the face of the accused girl blurred?

Chandigarh MMS Case

What law says

The identification of the suspect is considered the most important piece of evidence. If suspects arrested by the police, who may or may not be criminals, are not covered, they may be photographed by the media and published in newspapers or shown on television broadcasts.

Many times we see that while the police take the suspect of a crime, either to the police station or to the court, the offender’s face will be covered. Section 303 of CrPC and Article 22(1) of the constitution of India provides a right to all the accused persons, to be defended by a pleader of their choice.

The faces of the criminals are hidden so that their identity is not revealed to the public so that the accused or crime families are not targeted. And according to the law, only if the person is proven guilty, then he is only treated as a criminal and before that he is called an accused. Therefore, when offenders are exposed to the media, their faces are not revealed so that their human rights remain intact until the court finds them guilty.

The arrested person is only a suspect and is under trial and the court has not proved his guilt. They may be innocent or guilty, but unless the crime is proven, they are only on trial and, according to our fundamental rights, every citizen has the right to privacy, and the right to live with dignity.

Covering the face of the person being prosecuted helps the court to better investigate the matter, avoids adverse publicity for the suspect, helps privacy, gives the person a second chance if the crime is less heinous, and ultimately helps his family to go undercover and save the brat from the public.

Important points

  • A ruckus broke out at a private university near Chandigarh late Saturday night after a obscene video went viral.
  • A campus student has been accused of making obscene videos of many girl students.
  • Allegation on the student that she sent the videos to a boy in Shimla who made them viral on adult site.
  • Mohali SSP said that till now no evidence has been found of many girl students attempting suicide, and the accused student has been arrested.
  • Some female students were taken to hospital but there is no evidence of attempted suicide in doctors’ medical reports so far.
  • The university administration also called the girl students a rumor, saying that the girl students had fainted during the uproar.
  • Many ministers of the Punjab government appealed to maintain peace, and said – the guilty will not be spared.
  • Calling the incident unfortunate, Punjab Minister for Women’s Development and Social Justice Baljit Kaur said the incident would be thoroughly investigated.

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