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Champawat: Upper Caste children don't want Dalit Bhojan Mata

Champawat: The appointment of Bhojan Mata of Dalit community in Government Inter College Sukhidhang, Uttarakhand has created a ruckus.

By Pallav Jain
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Champawat Dalit Bhojan Mata: The appointment of Bhojan Mata of Scheduled Caste (SC) in Government Inter College Sukhidhang, Uttarakhand has created a ruckus.

The case is that Sunita Devi, who comes from Scheduled Caste, was appointed to cook food in the school here. On the first day of the appointment, all the children ate Sunita Devi's handmade food but after that, their parents asked the children not to eat food.

According to Janjwar News website, Sunita Devi comes from a very poor family. They take care of their family by working as laborers. There was discrimination against her in her previous job as well. But this appointment has been done administratively. Villagers are saying that their children will not eat the food cooked by lower caste women.

When applications were sought for the post of Bhojan Mata in this school, 11 people applied. Out of this Sunita Devi was chosen. When this news spread in the village, the people of the upper caste started protesting. On the very first day of duty, Sunita Devi had to face discrimination because of her caste. The villagers threatened Sunita Devi and created a ruckus in the school.

The school administration says that the upper caste people of the village are creating controversy. Sunita has been appointed administratively.

Reservation in India gave opportunities to Dalits but they are still facing disdain in society. Even after being appointed to government jobs, they have to face many kinds of discrimination. This is not the only case where upper caste people have discriminated against lower caste people on the basis of untouchability.

The question is why despite all the efforts, Dalits are not getting equal rights in society. What efforts are being made to eradicate caste discrimination from the roots? It is only at the school level that a sense of equality can be inculcated among the children. In school itself, children learn how every Indian is equal in spite of different colors, dress, language, caste, and religion. Then if there will be such discrimination in the school itself what one would expect.

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