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CAT Netflix Review: Story of Punjab’s two dark eras

randeep singh hudda cat series review

CAT Netflix Review: There is a new series on Netflix, ‘CAT’ with Randeep Singh Hooda in the lead role. Balwinder Singh Janjua has written and directed this series. The specialty of the series is its story and suspense. It is very rare that I watch a series in a single day, but CAT has that quality that compels you to watch the episodes one after the other.

Let’s talk about the plot of the series

CAT talks about two eras of Punjab, the first one during the Khalistani movement of 1980 and the second Punjab which is being ruined due to drugs. Police officer Sehtab Singh and his undercover agent Gurnam Singh i.e. Randeep Singh Hooda connect two eras of Punjab with their past and present.

CAT Netflix review

Gurnam Singh worked as a CAT for Sehtab, during the Khalistani movement. But after many years, when his younger brother falls into drug addiction, Gurnam again helps Sehtab Singh to save Punjab youth from drugs.

Sehtab Singh sends Gurnam as an undercover agent to expose local MLA Madam Aulakh, who is said to be the leader of the drug business in the area. From here thrill of the series starts.

You will get a lot of suspense in the series, the story will look well-knitted. Though the climax might disappoint you.

CAT Review: Why watch?

Suvinder Vicky’s acting as a police officer and Randeep Singh Hooda’s as Gurnam is excellent. Randeep Hooda has once again proved that he is a good actor and he can carry the whole series on his shoulders.

CAT Netflix Review

An attempt has been made to show the similarity between Punjab of two different eras in CAT, for which director Balwinder Singh Janjua deserves praise.

The action scenes are not very strong but the suspense and thrill are fulfilling. The character of Madam Aulakh also leaves an impact. The struggle of Madam Aulakh in the male-dominated society is also worth seeing.

We have seen great movies like Udta Punjab on the issue of drugs in Punjab, this series does not focus on drug addicts, it focuses more on the drug business.

If you are fond of watching suspense thrillers then you can watch CAT on Netflix. There are some obscene scenes and abuses in the series, it is your choice whether to watch it with your family or not.

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