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Hero Start-Ups and An Emerging Industry to Watch for In the Casino Industry

The Indian market is highly competitive and profitable, and we can expect to see more start-ups going forward. Casino

By Pallav Jain
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Responsible Gambling in India: Enjoying Casino Games Safely and Sustainably

Casino : Every year, numerous new businesses spring up across the world. This is due to professionals across different industries making moves to revive the global economy following the 2019 pandemic. They have come up with new ideas and innovations, and this trend has been rising in 2021.

Reports from Financial Express showed that between January 2021 and March 2021, start-up businesses in India have gulped up to $4.4 billion. This is a 26% increase to the amount infused into start-ups the previous year.

Furthermore, more investors have now opted into starting new casino businesses in a bid to continue this trend, and it has been predicted to project into 2022. This is why we have provided for you the top five hero start-ups you have to watch out for in 2022.


MyPitch, which started operations in 2021, offers insights and valuable statistics on football players. Unlike other alternatives that only provide goals, assists and some other statistics of a football game, this Belgian start-up makes use of a smart camera to track a player's movement on the pitch and then transfers this data to its smartphone app. The app then, in turn, uses this data to provide valuable information for its users.

Players can then use this information to monitor their output on the pitch and make improvements where necessary. They can also take on challenges every week and compare their statistics with other players to enhance their performance.

Dynasty Esports

This Singapore-based start-up began operations in 2020 and has served as a unified platform for eSports and online gaming. Dynasty eSports generally focus on eSports Portal Management (EPM) to help eSports and gaming platforms improve their gaming experience and retain high-quality customers. 

Other platforms only offer individual services like marketplace or game streaming, and Dynasty eSports incorporates all. It also provides a well-configured Application Programming Interface (API) for popular titles like Call of Duty and PUBG. That is not all; it also offers a secure payment system for all in-game purchases. As a result, eSports businesses can profit from gaming leagues and tournaments.

As our author Monin Manne suggests, Esports now are taking over together with iGaming, and you can see a new Indian online casino being found every day in https://casinosindian.com/, a League of Legends tournament challenging the best gamers around the world, a new Twitch Streamer making tons of money from game streams, etc. 

To keep up with the changing environment of Esports and find the best online casino in India, following start-ups like Dynasty Esports is a must. To read more about the author, click here.


Founded in New Delhi, India, and started operations in 2019, this start-up company specialises in making smart sensors for cricket bowlers. This wearable smart sensor is particularly built for bowlers' performance analytics. 

It utilises three sensors to read the kinematics of players to analyse the player's performance. Players don't have to spend a lot of money on laboratory tests and expensive computer-aided analysis because they can now monitor their performances and analyse the risk of getting injured. Since they can now monitor their performance, the device also enhances players' improvement.


Clutch started operations in 2021 and has helped racket players improve through video analysis of their performance on the court. The device uses artificial intelligence to track each shot fired by the player and the player's movement to provide data and displays on the smartphone app. 

The app is also equipped with video editing tools that can be used to create game highlights. You can also track your progress using the data provided on your training dashboard. There is no need for video analyst personnel among staff whose job is to make a video-based analysis of the team. 

Clutch also has a social platform where players, coaches, and professionals can share views. This can also become a great tool that sports bettors can monitor players and make calculated bets in India. 


This Canadian start-up helps to diagnose concussions in young athletes. This device collects blood samples of athletes at different intervals and compares them to determine if a player is experiencing a possible concussion. Using mass spectroscopy, the device measures metabolites and dried plasma spots in the blood. With this information, injured players can be withdrawn to prevent further injuries.


The Indian market is highly competitive and profitable, and we can expect to see more start-ups going forward. We can also expect them to positively impact the gambling sector and make playing casino games easier for players. However, don’t forget to gamble responsibly and play in online casinos only as a form of entertainment.

This is something many of the top cricketers in India have achieved as they gamble and move up their careers simultaneously. You can find out more at https://www.thecricketpaper.com/guest-blogs/383671/the-popularity-of-gambling-among-cricketers/

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