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Why is #CancelHulu Trending on Twitter?

why cancel hulu is trending in US

Disney-backed streaming service Hulu has blocked Democrats’ political advertisements in the US, in which they appear to take a dig at the Republican Party’s laws on gun control, anti-abortion, and Don’t Say Gay agendas. Many people are unsubscribing from Hulu and trending #cancelhulu on Twitter after Hulu blocked the Democratic Party’s Ads.


The Hulu streaming service is very popular among the youth, and the Democrats in the run-up to the elections want to tell the younger generation about the agenda of the Republican Party. In such a situation, they want to run their political ads on those platforms where most of the youth are present, Hulu and Disney Plus are the platforms where most of the youth are streaming content.

But Hulu has rejected all these ads, citing its ad policy. There is a ruckus on Twitter about this. People say that the Hulu streaming platform is anti-public. It wants to block topics like abortion, homosexuality, and gun control which is an un-democratic stand.

However, no law compels web-based streaming services to run political ads.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Democratic Governors Association booked ad slots on Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN on July 15, but only Hulu rejected these ads.

The executive director of these three committees said in a statement to the Washington Post that “this censorship by Hulu would prove to be very dangerous for the country. Voters have every right to know what agenda the people of the Republican Party are running.”

Supporters of the Democrat Party have started boycotting Disney.

Disney is not the only channel on your TV and it’s not the only amusement park in the country. I know it has great programming and ideas and it’s tough to say no to kids but sometimes even the kids have to give up something to make sure we have a democracy.


Disney has told advertisers that they will not accept any political and alcoholic ads on its Disney Plus platform.

Netflix is ​​also working with Microsoft on an ad-supported version that could launch this month, although it has yet to reveal its advertising policy.

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