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Home » Canada protests: Police begin to make arrests at Ottawa protest

Canada protests: Police begin to make arrests at Ottawa protest

Canada protests Police begin to make arrests at Ottawa protest

Ground Report | New Delhi: Canada Ottawa protests; There has been a clash between protesters and police in the Canadian capital Ottawa. The police are trying to end the anti-vaccine protests that have been going on for the last three weeks. So far 100 protesters have been arrested in this connection.

The government has imposed a state of emergency here to end the protest. Under this, the police is trying to send the protesters back. When the police started the campaign on Friday morning, some protesters protested. After this, the security forces dropped him on the ground and tied his hands from behind. The police allege that the protesters are using children as shields.

There is still a group of protesters in the city and they are refusing to obey the government order. Video footage shows hundreds of police officers present at the protest site. Some protesters have formed a line near the police officers. Everyone is holding each other’s hands and singing the national anthem of Canada.

A protester named Kevin Homond from the news agency AP said, “Freedom is never available for free. What if they handcuffed us and put us in jail as well? Ottawa Police have set up about 100 check points around the main protest site to prevent more people from reaching the protest site.

Ottawa Police wrote on Twitter, “You should go back from here. Those who are involved in illegal protests can be arrested. The police have seized 21 vehicles as part of the drive to end the protest. None of the protestors was injured. For those who have been arrested, many types of cases have been registered.

Earlier, authorities also reported a “concerted effort” to flood the city’s 911 and non-emergency phone lines. Ottawa police described similar tactics last week, saying a flurry of phone calls from the United States to local emergency numbers nearly overwhelmed the city’s crisis response system.

Two leaders of the trucking convoy were due to appear in court on Friday. Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were charged with mischief. Barber also faces an obstruction charge.

What began in late January when a convoy of trucks headed to Ottawa to oppose a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canadian border turned into broader opposition to pandemic restrictions and the government of Trudeau, with supporting protests across the country. (Canada Ottawa protests)

Canada’s House of Commons and Senate cancelled Friday sessions due to police action surrounding parliament buildings. MPs were due to debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to invoke the never-before-used emergency law.

The law gives additional powers to the government in times of crisis and has been used to impose public gathering bans in some areas of Ottawa and has banned travel to the protest zone and bringing children into the area, among other measures.

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