Can Metaverse be regarded as a Safe Virtual Reality?

Ground Report: Metaverse a safe reality; ‘Metaverse’ , if you are a tech-savvy person, you must be very well aware of this buzzword in the tech town. Metaverse can also be referred to as Virtual Reality(VR) 

From the keywords such as Metaverse or Virtual Reality, one could assume that it is related to cyberspace or a virtually borderless world even beyond our physical world on earth. 

In this technologically advanced world, the digital risks have relatively become higher. Whether it be the rise of virtual currencies such as cryptos, bitcoins, NFTs, or the environmental risks related to the carbon footprint. 

The metaverse can further be depicted as a more immersed space, which has to be nurtured whether we are comfortable with it or not. This space will be reshaping our daily tasks and will function in parallel with the real-world economy, there is a possibility that it could further carry forward the future economy’s prosperity. 

The metaversical scope is far beyond what we can imagine. Today, Metaverse is partially existing with us as few of its elements are present currently. The avatar in the metaverse could be using virtual money like bitcoin, crypto which isn’t really money but can be used in place of digital money. Metaverse can be regarded as ‘A Limitless World’ as there is a possibility that our virtual avatars can travel from one place to another without any hassle. 

Virtual Reality Headsets, Augmented reality goggles, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products, Gaming platforms are some early examples of metaverse. On the other hand, the online video conferencing tools such as zoom, meet have also buckled up in this race of virtual reality. The operational computer-generated image and video background feature, appearance changing filters etc. In terms of Social Media, Snapchat, Instagram are few of the early software to introduce a variety of filters, they can further be mentioned as they are taking steps towards that direction.

To build a metaverse comes with numerous concerns. It is a well known fact that the Internet is not a safe place, it comes with various risks, and these risks could really have no limits. It is widely known that, things can go extremely downhill on the Internet. The challenges such as Privacy, Security and Safety will be escalated further in the metaverse. Stalking, bullying are common on the Internet, and there is a probability that these issues could get worse. 

Recently, a woman opened up about being verbally and sexually abused the moment she entered the game in the metaverse. This is a serious concern that needs to be addressed and correct safety and security measures are needed to be put in place together. As we are moving from a 2D world into the 3D space, If this continues, then it will be problematic not only for women but for men as well.

At this juncture, it is difficult to declare Metaverse as a safe reality keeping in mind all the cyber attacks, bullying which are taking place on the internet. The stakeholders need to develop strict regulations associated with the metaverse.  Larry Magid, CEO, Connect Safely, says that ‘maybe we can get it right time by building a metaverse that doesn’t have the problems associated with the internet as we now know it, but that will only happen if everyone — industry, governments, advocacy organizations and end-users — all do our part.’

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