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#BoycottCadbury: Cadbury contains Halal certified Beef, What is the truth?

#BoycottCadbury: Cadbury contains Halal certified Beef, What is the truth?

A claim related to Cadbury, the world’s second-largest confectionery brand, is making the rounds on social media. A screenshot of a website is making the rounds on social media platforms that says if a product contains gelatin as an ingredient, that means it is derived from beef.

The particular screenshot is from an Australian website… but due to serious claims, it is circulating everywhere in India claiming that Indian Cadbury products also contain gelatin.

Netizens have claimed that British multinational confectionery company Cadbury uses gelatin in ingredients, which is halal certified and derived from beef.

Cadbury Halal

Several people shared this screenshot to claim that Cadbury products sold in India contain beef. But the company says the message is misleading as it does not relate to India, and its products sold in India do not contain beef or any other meat-based ingredients. Mondelez International is the American company that owns the British company Cadbury now.


The screenshot is from Cadbury’s Australian website, but in India it’s completely vegetarian. Since the claims were very serious, we decided to do a fact check.

Cadbury Halal

Although the screenshot is in fact from a Cadbury website, the company is correct that it is not related to products sold in India. The screenshot contains the URL of the site, which is, meaning it is the website for the company’s Australian unit, as .au is the country code top-level domain for Australia.

Second, Mondelez International Inc., one of the world’s largest snack food companies that manufactures Cadbury products in India, also clarifies through a public notice that they do not involve any type of gelatin or non-vegetarian ingredients in Indian products. Mondelez manufactures Cadbury 5Star, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Perk, Gems, Oreo and more in India.

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