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Bois Locker Room: A Girl posing as 'Siddhart' who actually made 'gang-rape' comment

If you remember, the two preliminary issues with the infamous ‘Bois Locker Room’ a new twist has come to light in the Bois Locker Room case.

By Ground Report
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Bois Locker room case twist

Ground Report | News Desk

If you remember, the two preliminary issues with the infamous ‘Bois Locker Room’ a new twist has come to light in the 'Boy Locker Room' case.

An investigation by the Delhi Police has revealed that one of the members of the Instagram group was a minor girl who had hidden her identity and maintained a fake profile of the boy's teenage years. The name of this profile was 'Siddharth'.

According to media reports, the minor girl then allegedly posted indecent remarks about herself. Other members then commented on that post.

The police investigation revealed that the comment made by a girl posing as a boy was allegedly to test the boy's response.

The police also said that the girl and boy were not linked to "Bois Locker Room" but a screenshot of their Snapchat interaction was being shared online on social media alongside those of the Instagram group and got mixed up.

"The Snapchat conversation is actually between a girl(sender) and a boy who is the receiver through a fictional Snapchat account named 'Siddharth'

Officers with the Delhi Police Cyber Cell have now revealed that a Snapchat chat between two boys where they are seen talking about "gang-raping" a minor girl, was actually a conversation between a fake account and just one other participant. This fake account in question was made by a minor girl who wanted to find out more about the boy's character.

A minor girl has created this fake profile. When the police questioned the two, the girl said that she was doing all this to investigate her friend's character. He chatted by creating a fake profile in the name of the boy. He also deliberately raped, so that he could find out what this boy ultimately thinks of him.

A screenshot of this chat between what seems to be two boys was widely circulated on social media platforms shortly after conversations on a private group chat between minor boys stirred a massive controversy.

Now, the Delhi Police Cyber Cell reveals that this particular chat where two boys can be seen talking about "gang-raping" a girl dates back to a one-on-one conversation in March of this year between a minor boy and a minor girl who was operating the fake account.

As of May 10, one minor boy and a college student (older than 18) have been arrested in connection with the case. More than twenty-four students connected with the case have been interviewed/examined. Devices of the concerned persons have been seized and sent for forensic analysis.

Police seized the mobile phone used in the chat and sent it for forensic investigation. According to the statement given to the police, the boy again stopped the chat after the rape chat.

Police are investigating whether the boy stopped the chat or deleted the chat in his defense. According to the cyber cell, when the boys' locker room members were investigated one by one, it was found that the viral chat rape was not between the members of the group, but it was between two outsiders.

The teen studies in a Noida school and set for the Class 12 exams this year.

20 more boys were active in the group and have been identified by the teen of a well-known school.

It is to be noted that the boys involved in the group are from 4-5 prestigious schools of South Delhi and we're major of class 11th and 12th.

The controversy blazed and spread on the internet like a wild-fire when most of the netizens felt exasperated started posting the screenshots of "Bois Locker Room" on Instagram and Twitter.

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