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kashmir: Administration prepares a ‘Black Listing’ of internet sites amid 2G lawsuits

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Wahid Bhat |Srinagar

The administration of newly union terrority Jammu and Kshmit which is grappling with lawsuits after resuming lowspeed 2G web services and products and make a choice broadband connections in Kashmir, is prone to formulate a brand new checklist of internet sites which can’t be accessed a transformation from the present checklist of internet sites which is able to accessed.

The new list being planned, locally called the‘Black List’, would help the authorities whenthe internet is fully restored in Kashmir valley. Provider suppliers are lately going through difficulties in making sure limited get admission to to subscribers. 
Officers are tight-lipped at the additional plan of action referring to web get admission to however resumption of broadband services and products is being thought to be and might be restored quickly.

“On this universe of web, handiest blacklisting internet sites will make certain that we will observe any problematic building on-line. In a different way, it is going to be a multitude. Social media will proceed to stay suspended right here,” an official said.

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Resumption of 2G web services and products closing week has no longer ended the woes of subscribers as they’re not able to surf many necessary internet sites because of limited get admission to and fight to open even ‘white indexed’ internet sites owing to extraordinarily low pace, a supply mentioned. 
Subscribers complained that even 2G services and products aren’t performing on some networks in Kashmir, together with cell phone connections on roaming and lately running from the Valley.

Internet connectivity was suspended in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August, 2019, after BJP led Modi government Aboragted Article 370 and 35a besides divided Jammu and Kashmir into Two union Terrorities,  Jammu and Kashmir and another one is Ladakh. 

The home department has ordered that internet services shall be available onpostpaid connections and on pre-paid sim cards of those customers whose credentialshave been verified according to the norms followed for postpaid connections.
The order is effective until 31 January, stated the notification.
 Websites that have been whitelisted include around 85 sites categorised as “utilities”, 60 news websites, over 45 education sites, 14 banking sites, 12 search engine websites, 19travel sites, 18 entertainment websites and four mail websites — Yahoo, Outlook, Gmailand Rediff.

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Websites of non-governmental organisations — Amnesty International, Ford Foundation,HelpAge India, Save the Children and Smile Foundation — are also whitelisted.

Among other websites that have been whitelisted are automobile websites, employment sites such as Naukri.com, and government websites, including the J&K police, UIDAI, GST department, passport offices and other essential official sites.The largest category among the whitelisted websites is that of those classified as utilities.

These include online shopping websites like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, websites of couriercompanies, Swiggy, Zamato, Jio chat, Fabindia and Paytm.

Travel websites Trivago, Yatra, Cleartrip and official sites of airlines are also among thewhitelisted websites. J&K are grappling  with from the fact that the Internet speed is 85kbps with access to only 300 of over 1.4 billion  websites, even as the average mobile speed in the world is 6.8 Mbps and the broadband Internet  speed is 11.3 Mbps. 

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Video-streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar, which are classified as  entertainment, have also been whitelisted. But according to the order, social media websites/applications and virtual private network application shall remain barred at least until January 31 after which the restrictions will be reviewed. 

All fixed lines broadband services remain barred in Kashmir since the August 5 move to revoke J&K’s special status. All the social media platforms remain inaccessible by the government order.