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Bilkis Bano, ‘Dadi of Shaheen Bagh’, on BBC's list of 100 top influential women

The BBC has published a list of the 100 most influential women of 2020 from around the world, four indian are included in list Bilkis Bano .

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Farmers Protest: Bilkis Bano Shaheen Bagh's Dadi arrested by Delhi Police Farmers Protest: Delhi Police arrested Shaheen Bagh's grandmother Bilkis Bano BBC 100 Women 2020: Bilkis Bano 'Dadi of Shaheen Bagh' world's most influential woman, check BBC released list

Bilkis Bano, ‘Dadi of Shaheen Bagh’: The BBC has published a list of the 100 most influential and influential women of the year 2020 from around the world, four Indian are included in the list. This year's list of 100 women includes names who are playing an inspiring role as well as a guide to change in the face of adversity. (Bilkis Bano, ‘Dadi of Shaheen Bagh’)

Bilkis Bano

Bilkis Bano, ‘Dadi of Shaheen Bagh’: Bilkis Bano became the face of a long-running protest at the capital's Shaheen Bagh, the Muslim locality where the protests were held. Indian journalist and author Rana Ayyub described her as "the voice of the marginalized".

82 year old Bilkis who protested against CAA included in TIME's list of most influential

Women should feel empowered to step out of their homes and raise their voice, especially against injustice. If they don't leave their homes, how will they showcase their strength?


Isaivani is a distinctive gaana singer in India. Gaana music emerged from the working class neighbourhoods of North Chennai (formerly Madras) in Tamil Nadu. Isaivani has spent years singing and performing in this male-dominated space.

To perform on the same stage as other popular male singers can be considered an achievement by itself. Isaivani has successfully broken an age-old tradition, which has led other young female gaana singers to come forward and express themselves.

The world has changed a lot in 2020, but for women the world is changing every day: women have changed discourses and challenged spaces. This process will be constant for generations to come.

Occupying public places like Shaheen Bagh not acceptable: Supreme Court

Manasi Joshi

Manasi Joshi, current para-badminton world champion. In June 2020, the Badminton World Federation ranked her world number two in the SL3 singles. Manasi is also an engineer and a change-maker.

She aspires to drive a shift in how disability and para-sports are perceived in India. She was recently listed as a "Next Generation Leader" by Time magazine and appeared on the cover of its Asia edition as an advocate for the rights of disabled people in India.

This year has been challenging to women in so many ways. Don’t let the tough times get the better of you: keep exploring every possibility. Give yourself some time off every day.

Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima Pandey is a climate activist who, at the age of nine, filed a petition against the government of India in response to its inaction to mitigate climate change. In 2019, along with 15 other child petitioners, Ridhima filed a lawsuit against five countries at the UN.

Ridhima is currently participating in international conferences and helping to empower other students, at all levels, to fight for their future and for the biodiversity of the world. Ridhima is working to save her future and that of coming generations.

Now is the time for us to be strong and united, and to prove how capable we can be in difficult times. If a woman is determined to achieve something, no-one can stop her.

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