Climate changes; Earth’s energy imbalance roughly doubled over 14-year


Due to this extra energy stored on the earth, the temperature is increasing, which can have serious consequences in the future. Ground Report | New Delhi: The researchers found that the Earth’s energy imbalance roughly doubled over the 14-year period from 2005 to 2019. The Earth’s climate is determined by a delicate balance between the … Read more

Climate change; Drought has affected India in the last 20 years


Between 1998 and 2017, more than 150 crore people were directly affected by drought, with a loss of Rs 9.2 lakh crore to the global economy. Ground Report | New Delhi: Climate change, Drought; So far this century, drought has directly affected 1.5 billion people, more than any slow-onset disaster. If countries do not do … Read more

Sea level may rise in Lakshadweep islands at rate of 0.9 mm per year


Ground Report | New Delhi: The sea level around the Lakshadweep Islands may rise at the rate of 0.4 to 0.9 mm per year due to the impact of global warming. The information has come to the fore in recent research published in the journal Regional Studies in Marine Science in which it has been estimated in … Read more

E-waste poses threat to 30 million children worldwide: WHO


E-waste poses threat to millions of children, adolescents, and pregnant women Ground Report | New Delhi: E-waste poses threat; The World Health Organization (WHO) warned today that a “tsunami of electronic waste” not properly managed creates serious health risks for children, adolescents, and pregnant women. The information has come out in the report ‘ Children and … Read more

2 percent drop in global ozone pollution due to lockdown

At the same time, its emissions in the US states were reduced by 25 percent in the spring. Ground Report | New Delhi: A recent study by NASA has shown that there was a 2 percent drop in global ozone pollution due to the lockdown. During May and June 2020, this decline in the total ozone … Read more

Climate action: Indian economy may suffer a loss of 27 percent annually

Climate change is real: Children will be more affected by heat

Due to these changes in the climate, by 2050, where the Philippine economy may suffer a loss of 35 percent. Whereas for Colombia it is likely to be 16.7 percent Ground Report | New Delhi: The Indian economy may suffer a loss of 27 percent annually by 2050 if action is not taken now to stop … Read more

World Ocean Day 2021: Impact of human action on ocean

World Ocean Day is observed annually on 8 June to make people aware of the negative Impact of Human activities, such as garbage disposal, sewage, oil leaks from ships on the ocean. Ground Report | New Delhi: On the occasion of World Ocean Day on June 8, the United Nations (UN) has called for supportable … Read more

Production of industrial chemicals reached 230 million tonnes every year

Health, food production and environment at risk due to soil pollution: report Ground Report | New Delhi: The soil, which produces about 95 percent of the food for us, is becoming a victim of the increasing craving of human beings. Due to which the threat not only to food production but also to health and the … Read more

World Environment Day 2021: To solve problem of oxygen, Peepal Baba started Hariyali campaign

“Seeds and organic manure are being sent to every house” Ground Report | New Delhi: On the lines of Green Revolution and White Revolution, the next module of Hariyali Revolution is running after the second wave of covid-19 across the country, the famous environmental Peepal baba’s worker, start running Hariyali Holmes campaign. Hariyali Holmes is … Read more

World Environment Day 2021: मशहूर पर्यावरणविद पीपल बाबा ने चलाई हरियाली होम्स मुहिम

World Environment Day 2021, Peepal Baba: आज 5 जून के दिन विश्व में पर्यावरण दिवस मनाया जाता है। (World Environment Day 2021) जिसका संदेश लोगों को अपने फायदे के लिए पेड़ पौधों को काटने से रोकना है। वहीं देश में हरित क्रांति और श्वेत क्रांति की मुहिम चलाने वाले देश के मशहूर पर्यावरणविद पीपल बाबा … Read more