Bigg Boss fame Rohit Verma reveals he was raped by uncle at age of 8

The famous ‘Bigg Boss’ designer, Rohit Verma, recently recalled some horrible episodes from childhood. During an interaction with a portal, Rohit said: “Although I was born in a good family, I was sexually abused by my real uncle in my childhood. I was raped by my own uncle at the age of eight. He used to make me wear a sari, put hot wax on my body and commit more horrible acts of abuse. All this went on for three or four years. I never told my parents about this out of fear.”

During an interaction with Siddharth Kanan, Rohit recalled how he was horrified when his uncle physically abused him, but was unable to share it with his family for several years.

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Rohit Verma

“I come from an intellectual family where I was the black sheep. Maybe because I wasn’t that good at my studies, I was bullied a lot at home. I didn’t know what my sexuality was and why I feel like a woman. , maybe because I was also raped in my childhood time, ”he shared.

Rohit also revealed that she used to work as a prostitute outside the Taj hotel wearing girl’s clothes and the money he needed. He also added, “People took me once or twice and I bought designer stuff with the money I got from here. I don’t regret anything because I wanted to do this, no one forced me.”

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Rohit Verma

“I was horrified to tell my mother because he said that nobody will believe you, and this went on for 3-4 years. I faced that in my family and I didn’t tell anyone,” he added.

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