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'Big Four': Downplaying their climate and clean energy progress?

The title of the report is 'The Big Four: Are Major Emitters Downplaying Their Climate and Clean Energy Progress'?

By Pallav Jain
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the big four emitters

Big Four clean energy progress | Climate Kahani | According to a recent report, all four major emitters of the world, including India, are trying hard to reduce emissions at the ground level. The title of the report is 'The Big Four: Are Major Emitters Downplaying Their Climate and Clean Energy Progress'?

This report is produced by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), a global organization.

The evidence presented in this report makes it likely that at least three of these big four emitters – China, the European Union, and India – will not only see rapid progress towards a clean energy economy but will also meet their national climate goals. They will also notice a sharp drop in relative emissions. The progress they make will surely have a global impact, which will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but their rapid progress will also see clean energy prices drop sharply for all other countries.

"The speed at which the energy transition is rapidly taking place, especially in these powerhouses of the global economy, clearly shows how The right policy and market structures are driving changes at a pace that was unimaginable a few years ago.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the global energy crisis have accelerated this change. There may be an increase in the use of fossil fuels at the moment, but what is certain is that something like this is nothing more than just a short-term solution."

Gareth Redmond-King, International Lead at ECIU

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Installing 165 GW of renewable energy this year, a 25% increase from last year; Electric vehicle sales are projected to be 6 million in 2022, double that of 2021;

COP27: Biden announces $100 million investment for climate adaptation

United States

The second only to China in deployment of solar and wind power, forecast to generate 85% of electricity from renewables by 2030; Some sales forecasts suggest that half of all new cars bought here in 2030 could be electric;

India aiming to climate goals, As PM Modi’s commitment at COP26


The rapid rollout of renewable energy, especially solar, this decade will transform India's electricity sector, with coal generation becoming increasingly unprofitable; All the trends are telling that India is moving towards its net zero emission target of 2070.

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