Bhopal: Times Now journalist allegedly beaten up by hospital guards

A Times Now journalist Govind Gurjar was attacked by security officials at Bansal Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. The viral video of the incident shows the guards pushing, despite pleas with folded hands of the journalist. Govind Gurjar went to meet with family members who were injured in the accident.

According to media reports, the journalist’s family was involved in an accident on Tuesday, which seriously injured his wife, Gurjar’s children and his brother-in-law’s family. In the video, Gurdjar claimed that his daughter had suffered numerous fractures.

journalist Govind Gurjar beaten

It is reported that there was a dispute over visitors, after which hospital guards severely beat Govind, during which he introduced himself several times and asked not to disturb, but the guards did not listen, and he continued his behaviour with Govind in front of cameras as well.

After that, Govind Gurjar told about his situation, making a video, he said that the staff of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan took his children to this hospital. Also in the video, you can hear that “My children are battling for life and death in this hospital, they have had a terrible accident, they have multi-organ fractures, if I come to meet them, then no one comes to this hospital.”

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“I hope to god that nobody comes to such a hospital,” he said in the video. Addressing chief minister Chouhan directly, he added, “I can’t even describe it.”

journalist Govind Gurjar beaten

Eyewitnesses claimed that Gujjar was simply asking to see her daughters when Hospital guards began assaulting him for no reason. Another eyewitness claimed that guards often mishandle the kins of patients. “They have stolen my two gold rings last week.”

Lokendra Parashar, a BJP spokesman in Madhya Pradesh, later wrote on Twitter that both the chief minister and the interior minister had told the authorities to take “appropriate action” in the case.

He tweeted “The incident that happened with Shri Govind Gurjar, a senior journalist of the capital Bhopal, has been taken seriously. Honourable Chief Minister and Home Minister have given instructions to gather complete information about the incident and take appropriate action. The accused will not be spared”.

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