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Bharti College now 100% covid free, admin praised for regular action

Bharti College now 100% covid free, admin praised for regular action

A total of 13 girl students of Bharati College (University of Delhi) were found infected on 6 May due to the estimated fourth wave of coronavirus. All the girls belonged to the same hostel of the college, and the manager of the hostel, ‘Mrs. Suman Bharti’ was also found ‘covid positive’ during this period.

A total of 70 girls from the hostel were admitted to Deendayal Upadhyay Hospital, with the help of the administration of the college. With the help of the Treasurer, the Delhi government, ‘Lokesh Parasar’ and Chairman Bharati college ‘Dayanand Jha’, financial sanctions for medical expenses were easily obtained. As soon as the cases emerged, the entire hostel was put under quarantine and the college administration took several appropriate steps.

Separate accommodation and food arrangements were made for all the covid positive girls in the hostel itself. The Principal in charge of the college, Prof Saloni Gupta, issued immediate guidelines and appealed to the students and other teachers to take precautions. The administrative officers of the college, themselves went and inspected the hostel and informed the students about the precautionary measures and safety. The MCD staff sanitized the entire college building including the hostel. The infected students in the college hostel were equally under the strict supervision of a nurse and a lady doctor. The administration has done a commendable job in providing other facilities like medicines, fruits, milk etc. to the girl students of the hostel with sincerity

Meanwhile, under the circumstances, the biggest difficulty for the students was the impending semester examination. A sense of apprehension engulfed them as to how well they write their examination. Taking care of their convenience, the administration promised to conduct their examinations in the second phase. However, such condition didn’t arise as finally on May 12, 2022, all the (attending) girl students of the hostel were again re-diagnosed for covid, and on May 13, 2022, including a total of 13 students, everyone’s report was found to be ‘negative’. After 24 hours, the normalcy was restored on the hostel premises. Subsequently, the students are now able to sit comfortably in their examinations as well. It is because of the timely containment of the spread of covid by the college administration, that the examination is being conducted on time with requisite attendance.

According to the attendance report given by the college, in the fourth and sixth-semester examinations of the university, more than 95 per cent of students are appearing in the college semester examination. The administration believes that the campus is now 100% ‘covid free’ due to which all the quarantined girl students can now enter the college. During the examination, the guidelines of covid are being followed on the entire campus. Despite such problems, under the direction of the current Principal in charge, the college’s examination committee, covid task force, hostel committee and non-teaching staff have taken commendable steps, for which the credit goes to the college administration in totality.

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