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Home » Bankura: The teacher wanted the minor’s blood for black magic, so he raped her

Bankura: The teacher wanted the minor’s blood for black magic, so he raped her

Bankura teacher raped minor

Bankura Rape case: A 37-year-old private tuition teacher has been accused of raping an 8-year-old girl in West Bengal’s Bankura district.

This accused is the tuition teacher of that 8-year-old girl. The girl’s parents lodged a complaint of rape at the police station, after which the accused teacher was arrested. After the police investigated the matter they found something which is unbelievable.

Bankura Rape case, Superstition angle

According to the police, the accused raped the girl due to superstition. This teacher was not getting married, so he contacted a Tantrik who asked this teacher to bring blood from the private part of the minor girl. The Tantrik claimed that if he would walk around with a cloth stained with blood from the private part of a minor girl, he would soon get married soon.

This teacher was getting old, he was not getting married. Concerned about this, the teacher resorted to superstition.

The teacher obeyed the Tantrik and raped his own student. Although Tantrik says that he never asked to rape, he has been unnecessarily implicated in this case.

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This incident is from the Bishnupur police station of Bankura. The police arrested the Tantrik and the teacher.

Even today in the 21st century people are trapped in the clutches of superstition and this was a teacher, which is hard to believe.

A senior officer of Bankura district police said, “An application lodged in court to take custody of this Tantrik and investigate the matter further. He will be interrogated and his role in raping the minor will be probed.”

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