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Bangladesh found in Kashmir, Less people know about it

Bangladesh found in Kashmir; At a distance of 30 km from the Bandipora district of Kashmir, there is a small village called Bangladesh,

By Ground report
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Bangladesh found in Kashmir, Less people know about it

Ground Report | New Delhi: Bangladesh in Kashmir; At a distance of 30 km from the Bandipora district of Kashmir, there is a small village called Bangladesh, with a total population of 300 people. A small village situated near Wular Lake in Kashmir is commonly known as "Bangladesh". The beautiful village with mountains and waterfalls can be reached along the 5 km Bandipora-Sopora road.

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Bangladesh found in Kashmir

The region was named Bangladesh after the formation of Bangladesh (country) in the 1971 war. There is a reason for the name of the village Bangladesh. In 1971, 5-6 houses in a village named Jurimon were set on fire (At that time the name of that village was Jurimon). These ordinary citizens become homeless without becoming normal. Then they settled some distance away from the burnt places.

Abdul Aziz Mulla, an elderly man in the village, said "In 1971, a war broke out between India and Pakistan and Bangladesh became independent. Meanwhile, the village fell to ashes. Some houses were evacuated from the Jurimon. And there was an old man in the village on the vacant land nearby who named the village Bangladesh.

Referring to the fire in the village, Abdul Aziz said, "The villagers were sleeping. Suddenly a fire broke out in a residential house which engulfed the whole town. Dozens of houses were burnt to ashes in the accident.

"There were over 300 families living in the area at the time of the tragedy, some of whom moved and settled there. At present, there are about 50 families in the village in Bangladesh, he told Independent Urdu.

Another local said "the village was torched in a fire in 1971," at that time, a select few decided to make their home a short distance away from the area. My grandfather also left and he also started living here.

He said 'No one knew this village. The teachers in the school were surprised at first when I told them that I lived in Bangladesh, but when I told them the whole story, they were overjoyed and then asked the other children to clap.

Lack of basic facilities in village

They say that the way people live in other parts of Kashmir, so do people live here. Bangladesh's name is also recorded in government documents and certificates, but the name does not appear on Google.

Fishing is their main source of livelihood. In addition, collecting water nuts is one of the main sources of income for the villagers. But now some villagers also turn to agricultural businesses.

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In the same year, Bangladesh became independent in East Pakistan in December of the same year. So he named his new village 'Bangladesh'. Now it has become 50 to 60 houses from 5-6 houses. They are basically all agricultural labourers.

However, Bangladesh has been recognized as a village. The DC office in Bandipora recognized the name of Bangladesh as a separate village in 2010. Bangladesh village now has more than 150 houses which started with 5-6 houses. Although many youths of this generation do not know the birth history of the village.

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