Who is Winning Nakur Seat in 2022 UP Elections? 

Who is Winning Nakur Seat

Mukesh Choudhary of BJP is leading on Nakur seat, However vote difference between him and Dharam singh Saini of SP is not large. Check Results O.S.N. Candidate Party EVM Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes 1 DR. DHARAM SINGH SAINI Samajwadi Party 103616 183 103799 38.35 2 MUKESH CHOUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party 103771 … Read more

Indian cities with highest number of automobiles

Indian cities with highest number of automobiles

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian cities with highest automobiles A developing metropolitan populace implies rising salaries, which converts into a blossoming number of vehicles out and about. In any case, the speed of street network development has been slow and the condition of public transportation is poor, prompting a large group of issues for … Read more

Who will get IPL broadcasting rights this year?

IPL 2022 auction: Full List Of Players Sold And Unsold

Ground Report | New Delhi: IPL broadcasting rights; Amazon’s competition in India with oil-to-retail aggregate Dependence Businesses looks set to go to the cricket field, where they will probably fight media heavyweights for broadcast privileges to the Indian chief Association. Helmed by Asia’s richest man, Reliance Industries Ltd. Also its TV accomplice Viacom Inc. are … Read more

Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan; The young girl in one of the caverns of Bamiyan has set up a group of kids for the “Informal school” so the course of training and childhood in the area doesn’t stop. In this school, most of the students are little girls at age … Read more

What is Doppler radar? How does Doppler radar works?

What is Doppler radar How does Doppler radar works

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Doppler radar; Doppler radar is a listening device that uses microwaves to “listen” for physical changes. Microwaves reflect off objects at different times depending on their position relative to the Doppler radar. Depending on how quickly the waves bounce back, an accurate image can be created. It is typically used in … Read more

How Max Fosh Youtuber became richer than Elon musk for 7 minutes?

How Max Fosh Youtuber became richer than Elon musk for 7 minutes

Ground Report | New Delhi: Max Fosh Youtuber; The UK based YouTuber Max Fosh claimed he had become the world’s richest person, deposing tech billionaire Elon Musk, albeit for a period of seven minutes. Fosh’s net worth became nearly twice as much as that of the Tesla founder during that period, he said. Max has … Read more

Why has New Zealand banned parrots as domestic pets?

Why has New Zealand banned parrots as domestic pets?

Ground Report | New Delhi: New Zealand banned parrots; Exotic parrots are on a collision course with becoming a threat in New Zealand, as pet owners release hundreds of them into the wild each year, threatening the native bird’s existence. According to the University of Auckland, about 6% of New Zealanders keep pet birds, with … Read more

Countries which are helping Afghanistan fighting hunger?

Taliban increasingly violent against protesters: UN

Ground Report | New Delhi: Countries which are helping Afghanistan; Many countries suspended or significantly cut funding to Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover in August 2021. Last month, the UN launched what it said was the “largest ever appeal” for a single country, asking for $4.4bn in funding. Who is offering help? Preceding the toppled … Read more

Inspirational story of Film actress Damiana Nassar?

Inspirational story of Film actress Damiana Nassar

Ground Report | New Delhi: Inspirational story of Damiana Nassar; Damiana Nassar is an Egyptian actress known for Feathers Film, She was brought into the world in an unfortunate town in Upper Egypt (barsha), Omar El Zohairy. The young director was searching for An actress to play the main role of Feathers. Also he at … Read more

Story of IPL’s most expensive player Ishan Kishan

Story of IPL’s most expensive player Ishan Kishan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Story of Ishan Kishan; Wicketkeeper-batsman Ishan Kishan has become the second most expensive Indian player in the history of the Indian Premier League (fourth overall) after he was bought by five-time champions Mumbai Indians on the first day of the mega auction in Bengaluru on Saturday. Kishan was bought by … Read more