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Australian ‘Soldier Using Dead Taliban Fighter’s Prosthetic Leg to Drink Beer

Shocking photo of an Australian soldier drinking bear from a prosthetic leg of a dead Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. Australian special forces soldiers drink beer from a dead Taliban fighter’s prosthetic leg at the unauthorized bar. The Fat Ladys Arms, which opened in Afghanistan at a special forces base. They also danced with this prosthesis.

This is evidenced by photographs published by the Guardian Australia.

The publication claims that these soldiers are currently serving, and they are threatened with dismissal after reports of war crimes in Afghanistan.

Some soldiers says that the officers were tolerant of this practice, and some of them even participated in these “fun”. This is despite the fact that the victim’s prosthesis is considered a war trophy, an item that Australian soldiers are forbidden to take from the battlefield, let alone keep it for themselves.

The prosthesis is believed to have belonged to an alleged Taliban fighter who was killed in an attack by Australian Special Forces in April 2009. It was kept in a bar, where visitors sometimes used it for drinking.

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It was later installed on a wooden board called Das Boot, next to the Iron Cross, a military order of Hitler’s Germany.

According to the Commonwealth Penal Code, seizing property without the consent of the owner can be classified as a war crime, which carries a 20-year prison sentence.

The current revelations continue the wave that began with the publication of the so-called Brereton report.

Australian Assistant Inspector General and Judge Paul Brereton spent four years preparing a report on the war crimes of his soldiers in Afghanistan. He found out that over nine years, the Australian military had executed several dozen civilians.

This was part of the “blood baptism” ritual. A few weeks after the publication of the report, Australia recorded a series of suicides among retired and active military personnel. The country’s authorities are trying to find out if these events are directly related.

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