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Is AppleTV+ copying Disney+ Hotstar’s marketing campaign?

While browsing through the vast library of YouTube, I landed on the YouTube channel of AppleTV. There was a video that was uploaded around ten days back, with the title ‘Everyone but Jon Hamm’. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it and started watching it. The title gives away the content inside the video. The description of the video reads, ‘With Hollywood’s biggest stars in front of and behind the camera, Apple TV+ has pretty much everyone… but Jon Hamm.’ In the video, Jon Hamm in his clean-shaven look is scrolling through the portfolio of AppleTV+, and questioning that every big Hollywood celeb is part of the portfolio, except him.

Link: Everyone but Jon Hamm | Apple TV+ 

But I had seen a similar marketing campaign before. Somewhere closer home. #SiwaySRK, Disney+ Hotstar’s three-part campaign in India which took the internet by storm had quite a similar theme. I quickly searched the video on YouTube and found the video. The title read, ‘Siway SRK ft. Shah Rukh Khan | Disney+ Hotstar’, and the description says, ‘Nonstop T20 cricket, blockbuster movies, exclusive naye shows, aur sabse bade stars. Disney+ Hotstar pe sab hai. Siway Shah Rukh Khan ke!’ 

Indeed, the two campaigns have a significant overlapping in the projection of the message. The only difference that the sceptic inside me can view is that the Disney+ Hotstar campaign is more about IPL, or T20 World Cup whereas, AppleTV’s campaign hints significantly at Jon Hamm OTT innings.

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Link: Siway SRK ft. Shah Rukh Khan | Disney+ Hotstar 

I, personally, don’t see an issue in copying a marketing campaign. That being said, it is interesting to note that one of the biggest companies, even with their lavish production value, had to beg, borrow, or ‘steal’. I hope the writers of the Disney+ Hotstar campaign got their due. 

Post Script: 

Check out Tanmay Bhatt’s Vlog on YouTube channel with the behind-the-scenes of the shoots on the #SiwaySRK Campaign. This one in particular is hilarious.


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