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Apple introduced its first headphones at RS 59,900

American multinational technology company Apple has quietly introduced its first ear headphones, which have been rumored for months. Apple’s AirPod Max has all the elements of Active Noise Canceling (ANC), easy access to Digital Assistant Siri and company-specific design.

However, it is more expensive than the flagship phones of any midrange or Chinese companies, which is priced about 59,900 Indian rupees. The company says that these expensive headphones provide the user with great high-fidelity audio, adaptive EQ and Spital audio with noise cancellation.

“With the AirPod Max, we’ve provided a magical AirPods experience for consumers, with amazing design and powerful high-chips and advanced software in these headphones,” said Greg Josewick, Apple’s senior vice president. Disables wireless computational audio. Its headband frame is made of stainless steel and fits easily. According to the company, the revolutionary mechanism in the headband’s air cups rotates on each one to make it fit better.

The headphones come with Apple Watch-inspired digital crown volume and audio controls, while they can receive calls as well as activate the Siri. The company’s H1 chip is inside each AirCup that provides computational audio, with transparency mode and ANC mode, which can be switched with the push of a button.

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Users can share their audio stream with another AirPod set with a single button. The company says that its battery life can be up to 20 hours on a single charge, along with a smart case that activates an ultra power state to extend battery life.

According to Apple, the AirPods Max use ‘Adaptive EQ’ to adjust the sound to the fit and seal of the ear cushions by measuring the sound signal delivered to a user and adjusting the low and mid-frequencies in real time — bringing rich audio that captures every detail.

Moreover, the headphones boast active noise cancellation supported by three outward-facing microphones to detect environmental noise, while one microphone inside the ear cup to monitor the sound reaching the listener’s ear. These headphones are currently available on Apple’s website.

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