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Anything for politics, BJP is opposing Hindi in Tamil Nadu

Why BJP is talking about Mathura so much in this election?

Ground Report | New Delhi: BJP is opposing Hindi; The Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP will oppose the imposition of Hindi in the new education policy if the central government has such a plan, its president K Annamalai said.

BJP is opposing Hindi in Tamil Nadu

After the Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat episode on Sunday, K Annamalai told reporters here that no language should be imposed on any state and if Hindi is imposed in the NEP, the state BJP itself will oppose it. He said that the new education policy did not make Hindi compulsory and students were free to choose the third language of their choice.

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“Only Tamil and English are compulsory. You can leave the third language to yourself. Yet he says that the BJP is infiltrating through the back door. All this is the claim of those speaking without proof” he added.

BJP leader K Annamalai also said, “Modi wave is coming in 2024. Narendra Modi is going to become prime minister for the third time by winning 400 seats. There will be no talk of the third team after the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. No matter what they campaign against the BJP, the BJP-led team will win and more BJP MPs from Tamil Nadu will drop out and become cabinet ministers. Make any number of teams. But only BJP will win.

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Three-language formula?

The new National Education Policy (NEP) recommends that all students learn three languages in their school under a ‘formula’. At least two of the three languages must be native to India.

For example: If a student in Mumbai is learning Marathi and English, he/she has to opt for learning another Indian language.

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The choice of languages to be learned will depend on the state and the students. However, at least two of the three languages must be native to the country – one of which is most likely to be a local/regional language.

Although a statement issued by the Ministry of Education said that “no language shall be imposed on any student”, it is not clear to what extent the student will be able to choose a particular language.

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