Death penalty for homosexuality in ‘Christian conservative’ Uganda

A law criminalizing homosexuality has been passed in the African country, Uganda. According to this, if anyone is found having a homosexual relationship in Uganda, they will be punished with death sentence. Along with this, those who will promote homosexuality in the country will also be punished.

• Ownership to Places Harbouring homosexuals knowingly attracts 10 years
• Media personnel promoting homosexuality face up to 20 years in prison
• Legal firm representing persons held liable of homosexuality will pay a fee not exceeding 20,000 currency points

Western countries and the LGBT rights groups condemned this legislation and called it ‘hate legislation’.

The hardline anti-homosexuality bill passed with a majority in Uganda’s parliament on Tuesday. Only two MPs voted against this bill while 389 MPs supported the bill.

The two MPs who voted against the bill are Fox Odoi-Oywelowo and Paul Kwizera Bucyna from the ruling party. They believe that this law will work against gender equality in the country.

Odoi-Oywelowo says that “several provisions of this law are unconstitutional, which will end the fight for gender equality in the country.”

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Human rights activists have termed this law as hate legislation.

‘Today marks a tragic day in Uganda’s history.

@Parliament_Ug has passed legislation that promotes hatred and seeks to strip LGBTIQ individuals of their fundamental rights! The provisions of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill are barbaric, discriminatory and unconstitutional!’

Tweeted– Sarah Kasande, a Kampala-based lawyer and human rights activist.

Today’s events in Parliament are not just immoral, but a complete assault on humanity. It’s frightening that our MPs’ judgment is clouded by hate & homophobia. Who benefits from this draconian law? It’s a question they’ll likely never answer. #AntiHomosexualityBill2023 Draconian

Gay activist Eric Ndawula, Tweeted

Uganda is a conservative Christian country that already had life imprisonment for homosexuality, this new law has made life in Uganda more difficult for the LGBT minority.

This law passed in Parliament will now be sent for the assent of the President. He has the power to veto it, but the chances of that are slim as the president has spoken out against homosexuality before.

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Let us know about those countries where homosexuality is a crime.

Same-sex marriage is recognized in only 32 countries in the world. There are 88 countries where the same-sex relationship is allowed but marriage is not allowed yet, India is an example. In 120 countries homosexuality is not a crime. There are 13 countries where there is a provision for the death sentence for having a homosexual relationship.

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