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Why Anjana Om Kashyap bullied in Patna?

Anjana Om Kashyap Bullied in BIhar

Anjana Om Kashyap Bullied in Patna: Aaj Tak’s star anchor had reached Patna to cover the sudden change in Bihar politics. She was giving live updates on political turmoil in Bihar. Suddenly people standing in the crowd started chanting slogans of ‘Godi Media Go Back’ after seeing Anjana Om Kashyap. This video is going viral on social media. This video was also shared on the official handle of Rashtriya Janata Dal with the caption “Only Bihar can explain this science to the country with an example: “Bihar, Udti Chidiya and Haldi”

On social media, a section is opposing the treatment of Anjana Om Kashyap, while on the other hand people are saying that what happened to Anjana Om Kashyap is the result of her biased journalism. Anjana’s supporters are trending hashtags like Stand with Anjana Om Kashyap. In fact, people say that a woman should not have been bullied in public like this. It is against the limit.

One user wrote

What happened with #AnjanaOmKashyap is wrong! There is no way that heckling of a woman can be justified. But people who have an argument that she was just doing her job, that is exactly my point why it happened to her… Anchors like them haven’t done their job for a while!


More power to

@anjanaomkashyap She is an inspiration to all women. Whether you watch her on TV or see her in office, you know she is strong, unshakable and definitely not bothered by useless propagandists. #AnjanaOmKashyap


I am not a big fan of #AnjanaOmKashyap or for that matter of none of tv anchor but here she emerged Hero while you a big Zero


Although Anjana Om Kashyap continued to do her work even after this bullying. She completed his work without paying attention to the slogans.

Actually, this behavior is endured every day by the reporters working on the ground in India. Reporters face public on ground, Public nowdays understands the agenda of media houses. They question reporters about this.

Anjana Om Kashyap is the star anchor of Aaj Tak, she goes to the ground only on special occasions. When anchors go on the ground, they have to face the public.

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