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American tourist raped in public toilet in Paris

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A 27-year-old American woman visiting Paris was raped in a public toilet, according to French authorities. The woman left it with her partner of 27 years, seeing the center of Paris, near the Seine River and Notre Dame Cathedral, on Saturday, August 6, French police said, according to the local newspaper Le Parisien.

Around 1:30 a.m. m. Sunday, the couple stopped to use a public toilet, ACTU 17 reported, citing police. The bathroom, in a well-lit and busy area, is generally considered safe and well-maintained, The Guardian reported.

“The American woman was walking along the banks of the Seine at the end of a Saturday night outing with her partner, when she entered the toilet block,” an “investigative source” told the Mail. “It is well lit and there were many people. around, but the woman’s partner became concerned when she stayed inside for a long time.”

When he went in to check on her, he could hear her crying and then realized she was being assaulted at one of the stalls, the Mail reported. She was then able to escape, while he and other women present held the suspect until police showed up and took him away. arrest.

The suspect claimed that he had a “consensual agreement with the woman”, the source told the Mail, denying any wrongdoing. However, after interrogation, he was charged with rape and kept in custody.

The 27-year-old victim was treated for injuries at a hospital in eastern Paris. She and her boyfriend have since returned to the US, but she continues to cooperate with French authorities.

The 23-year-old suspect denied any wrongdoing and claimed that he had a “consensual agreement with the woman,” according to the report.

He was charged with rape and remained in custody while the victim was treated at a hospital before returning to the United States.

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