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US Presidential Election: Joe Biden lead by 12 points against Trump in latest Fox poll

America President Donald Trump Joe Biden presential elections coming ahead on 3rd November
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With the presential elections coming ahead on 3rd November, Fox News opinion poll has come up with its insight stating that  President Donald Trump is lagging behind the race with 12 points to the Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden in the contest for the White House. The election campaigns started after a long pause because of the COVID- 19 outbreak.

As per the Fox News opinion poll, Biden has increased his poll margin in the course of time when compared to that of Trump. In May, Biden was leading by eight points against Trump who is re-contesting himself on behalf of the Republican ticket. However, Biden remains ahead in June too with an increment of 4 points summing up to 12points currently. 

The key factors influencing this poll was racism, employment, COVID-19 outbreak. These factors were cited as the top three concerns for the voters to account for the stability of the country.

Evaluating the voter’s sentiment, Biden supporter are more of a tendency to express the fear of Trump winning the elections which are 63%. Whereas 31% of Biden supporter have a tendency to express their excitement for Biden’s victory.

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On the other hand, it’s exactly opposite for the Trump supporters, almost 62% of Trump’s supporters are of the sentiment that Trump’s victory would be exciting whereas 22% of them are with the fear that Biden would win the Presidential elections.  

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According to Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderso, there is slight scope for the Trump to lead the race as Biden supporters are highly driven with fearful emotion of Trump winning the elections.

As per the RealClearPolitics, that keeps a track on all the all major national polls, Biden is leading on average of 8.8% points by Trump. The major leads for Biden come from battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona. Whereas there are two ties in North Carolina.

Biden is being observed as an empathetic and respectful leader amidst COVID-19 pandemic and a huge supporter for the nationwide protest against racial discrimination there. The citizens there have taken  Black Lives seriously post the brutal murder o 46-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis by the police.

Also, the COVID-19 outbreak has raised the critics of Trump for the way he has been managing the outbreak both in terms of finances and public health. The U.S has registered almost 2.1million COVID cases with more than 117,000 mortalities. Unemployment is another serious aspect that question’s Trump’s capability as the US’s President with unemployment rate reaching up to 13.3% in May.

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