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America made a mistake leaving Afghanistan: British Defence Secretary

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Ground Report | New Delhi: America made a mistake; Criticizing the US over the current crisis in Afghanistan, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that President Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan was a “mistake”. he said that this step of America has given ‘strength’ to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Speaking to Sky News, Ben Wallace warned that the international community would bear the brunt of the Taliban’s withdrawal in Afghanistan. He said he feared that al-Qaeda would re-establish its roots there.

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America made a mistake

The British defence minister has called the deal signed by the previous Trump administration with the Taliban in Qatar’s capital Doha to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is a “vain deal”. He told that Britain had tried to oppose it.

Wallace said, “I think the deal in Doha was worthless. It told the Taliban that was not winning that they were winning. The deal weakened the government of Afghanistan. Today we see the Taliban there.” Seeing it getting stronger.”

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However, he has termed his compulsion for Britain to support that agreement. Wallace said Britain had no choice but to pull troops out of Afghanistan because we had to go with the international community.

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He said, “I have been a vocal critic of America’s decision. That decision of America has created many problems strategically. The current situation for the international community is very difficult today.”

It is our compulsion to support the Doha Agreement’

Regarding the risk of Afghanistan becoming a breeding ground for extremism in the future, Wallace said, “Failed countries have been places for terrorist groups to flourish in the past. I was worried about that. I believe he will return from Afghanistan.” It was not the right time to take this decision because it will probably bring back al-Qaeda.”

“Afghanistan is going to America and we are going with it. At the same time, we are also leaving a very big problem to the Taliban. Obviously, we will not like it. After that announcement, I told the international community Tried to bring them together but got scared seeing that the community was not interested in it.

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