Allahabad HC rejects plea seeking to open 22 closed doors in Taj Mahal

The Allahabad High Court dismissed a petition seeking permission to open 22 closed doors of Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district. The bench was hearing a plea seeking a direction to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to examine 22 closed doors of the Taj Mahal to ascertain the presence of idols of Hindu deities. ALSO READ: Exclusive Details: Did the Taj Mahal land belong to Raja Man Singh?

Petitioner Dr. Rajneesh Singh, who is the media in charge of BJP’s Ayodhya unit, claimed that false history was being taught about the Taj Mahal and that he wanted to conduct research by visiting nearby rooms to find out the truth.

During the hearing, the bench told the petitioner that such arguments are welcome in an informal atmosphere, but not in court. “I welcome you to debate this issue with us in the drawing-room and not in court”, barandbench reported.

The petitioner argued that there is a fact that the citizens of the country need to know about the Taj Mahal. “I have also filed several RTIs. I have come to know about many rooms which have been closed and officials said that those rooms have been closed due to security reasons.”

When he reiterated, “Please allow me to go to those rooms and do research,” the bench asked, “tomorrow will you come and ask us to go to the chambers of the honourable judges of this court?” “Please do not make fun of the PIL system,” the Bar and the Bench added to the court.

The high court also asked whether it was to decide who built the structure and asked the petitioner “not to cite historical facts which [he] believes [s].”

When the petitioner claimed that his right to know about the locked rooms of the Taj Mahal and his freedom to obtain information was being violated, the court questioned the claim.

“Where is it right? To conduct a special study?” The bench asked. “Go and do research. Please enroll yourself in MA then go for NET, JRF and come to us if any university forbid you to do research on this kind of topic.

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